Theory of Motivation – The Science of Motivation

Motivation has an important role in a company because people need to be encouraged so that they can make an improvement on their work. Motivation may come from the outside factors of a person (external values) and innate aspects (internal values).

In this article, we will talk about some tips to motivation that you can apply in your daily life. Continue reading

How to Implement Mind Map?

Since the method was invented by Tony Buzan in 1970s, mind mapping has been recognized as an effective way to do note taking. Mind mapping allows one to use the whole brain’s capability to process information. Using the mind map, you will see the relations of each idea which will make it easier for you to learn it later. In this article, you will find out some areas where mind mapping will do its work.

Brainstorming your ideas on a project may leave you tired and overwhelmed. Hence, there is a chance that you are going to postpone it. By using a mind map, you can break down a project into smaller units which can be easily managed. Start it by writing down the main idea in the center of mind map page (you can do it on a paper or using special software). Continue reading

Leadership Skills and Goal Setting

Leadership skills are needed to influence and encourage team in achieving certain goals. The importance of leadership skills deals with how to make the flow of work becomes more cohesive so that the team can accomplish their task in timely manner.

Leadership skills are required not only by leaders of organization but also for individuals who long to live much effective and meaningful life. Find out some tips below and remember that you can even develop them later. Continue reading

Rebuilding Your Self Confidence

Many people think that they are not good for certain position because they lack in the necessary requirements. While this could be true, it can actually be overcome by knowing why they let that thinking take over. Requirements of certain position are one thing, but confidence is always needed in every aspect of our life.

Becoming a confident person certainly does not happen in one day, however, with gradual and continuous effort, self confidence can be gained so that every day that passes is faced happily and cheerfully. There are many ways of gaining confidence, however, only several most important points are going to be discussed below. Continue reading

Enhancing Self Motivation : Tips and Trick

There are times when you are not motivated anymore because of many reasons. The most common one is the fact that you have been doing one job for a long time, and everything is only routine. This means that you need more challenge to light up your days in the way that you want.

We often forget that human cannot be constantly in one situation for too long. Human is dynamic so life has to be dynamic as well. However, it is quite tricky to make us re-motivated if we do not apply certain strategies. Here are the important things to enhance our self motivation. Continue reading

How to Recharge Your Motivation Level

All of us have inner power that becomes the reason why we do what we do every day. This inner power can get weak over time just like a battery of a toy. If you want the toy to work again, you should recharge the battery. If you never charge it, the battery will die for good.

This battery in our life is motivation and it should be maintained in order to keep us energized. However, we are often faced against obstacles that hinder the nourishing effort of this battery. As a human, we are relatively weak against obstacles since the obstacles are usually tantalizing us in many ways. The obstacles that prevent us from getting motivated are described below. Continue reading

How to Solve Your Problem Effectively

We are faced against up the fact that we deal with problems every day. Whether you are at home or office, it is there. With a little different approach, solving problem in both places essentially has similar methods to be done.

Since human has the nature of solving problems, it is sometimes hard to repress the tendency of coming up with an immediate solution. While it is natural to want to solve the problem right away, it is not the right thing to do.

According to problem solving experts, the solution should be obtained when the process ends, not when it starts. The following is some steps in getting the solution to a problem. Continue reading