Enhancing Self Motivation : Tips and Trick

There are times when you are not motivated anymore because of many reasons. The most common one is the fact that you have been doing one job for a long time, and everything is only routine. This means that you need more challenge to light up your days in the way that you want.

We often forget that human cannot be constantly in one situation for too long. Human is dynamic so life has to be dynamic as well. However, it is quite tricky to make us re-motivated if we do not apply certain strategies. Here are the important things to enhance our self motivation.

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First, you need to re-build your self-confidence. You probably think that you are already confident, but according to an expert, if you have self-confidence you have belief that you will succeed. While success can be defined in various definitions, you should set and have your own definition of it first. By having confidence, you will perceive problems as challenge. When someone is challenged, he or she will do a lot of effort to achieve it. The process of achieving goals is what fuels someone’s motivation. Therefore, be confident in achieving your goals.

Second, think positively. By perceiving things in a positive way, you are not weakened by the negative energy that will suck your whole power and you will be left unmotivated, thinking that it is not worth it. When the negatives thoughts start to run through your mind, try to stop it and replace it with the opposite possibility.

There is always room for you to have mistaken about something, so give the room for the positive thoughts. Although it takes time to practice it at first, over time, you will be surprised that you have become a different person who has more self motivation.

Third, setting goals within your reach also enhances self motivation especially if you are into it and trying your best to achieve it. When the goal is set, you must not break it as it is the same as you break your promise.

If you do this, you will find yourself a bad person and that is negative. Remember that goals are challenge and challenge is the power that gets you going. With systematic method of achieving it, you establish self motivation. When one goal is achieved, you can set another, and so on.

All in all, self motivation can be re-build and it can become the energy that is renewable. There is no source of energy that is stronger than your own renewable power, so keep being motivated.

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