Rebuilding Your Self Confidence

Many people think that they are not good for certain position because they lack in the necessary requirements. While this could be true, it can actually be overcome by knowing why they let that thinking take over. Requirements of certain position are one thing, but confidence is always needed in every aspect of our life.

Becoming a confident person certainly does not happen in one day, however, with gradual and continuous effort, self confidence can be gained so that every day that passes is faced happily and cheerfully. There are many ways of gaining confidence, however, only several most important points are going to be discussed below.

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First, everybody must have achievements in his or her life and so must you. Be proud of this no matter how small it is because that achievement was not attained easily. Surely you do not have to overly proud it to your colleagues, you only have to value yourself of what you have done that everybody else did not at that time. By reflecting this, you will look back at the time when you were so confident with what you achieved. Achievements are indeed essential to gain self confidence.

Second, look into your strength to get to know what you can do with it. Sometimes you need someone else’s opinion on this, but many people can see this by themselves. Perhaps a little contemplation and mind mapping could help identify what you are strong for. This quality is really unlimited and it is only you who can tell yourself.

People will perceive you as you look from the outside, from the inside, you are the only master of yourself. By knowing and understanding your strength and use it appropriately, you are on your way of gaining self confidence.

Third, have role models that you admire so you can also imitate the attitude and the way they deal with problems. It is perfectly all right as long as it is not overly done.

Again, do things in moderation because after all you have to be yourself and be proud of being yourself. Role models are important when you have no idea of certain aspects such as how to deal with problems, how to react in emergency, what is the best attitude of being positive thinking and low profile, and so on. Observing what other people positively do in certain situation may inspire you to do the same in your own very way with your self confidence.

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