How to Recharge Your Motivation Level

All of us have inner power that becomes the reason why we do what we do every day. This inner power can get weak over time just like a battery of a toy. If you want the toy to work again, you should recharge the battery. If you never charge it, the battery will die for good.

This battery in our life is motivation and it should be maintained in order to keep us energized. However, we are often faced against obstacles that hinder the nourishing effort of this battery. As a human, we are relatively weak against obstacles since the obstacles are usually tantalizing us in many ways. The obstacles that prevent us from getting motivated are described below.

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First, misinterpret priority with urgency. We tend to do the urgent matter first although it is not actually important. While we are drifted deeply in completing urgent tasks, we lose track of time and it is time to stop already. There is no time to reflect this, and the next day is waiting. From day to day, these obstacles remain and you still do not have time to contemplate until it is too late. This misinterpretation is the main obstacle for motivation.

Second, have a negative perception in many aspects of life. Thinking negatively is part of human nature. There is even a research that proves how easy human adapt to negativity than positivity. This means that there are more negative sides in one’s mind than the positive. Negative thinking prevents somebody from having a clear and balanced view of an issue.

While thoughts are racing to find the justification on the negative reasoning, the effort of repressing it is relatively small. If this character is maintained without any effort of reducing, if not eliminating it, the battery called motivation will go flat incurably. As a result, many side effects will appear ranging from temperamental attitude to physical illness.

Third, there is no single goal set. Every day is undergone just the way it is, living the life as a compulsory task without any achievable objective. While a goal is also one of the reasons for people to live, having none is literally letting your motivation perish slowly. What is in life without any battery as a source of energy?

The three obstacles alone are enough to make somebody weakened. By recharging your motivation, you are respecting yourself and being thankful for what you are given.

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