How to Solve Your Problem Effectively

We are faced against up the fact that we deal with problems every day. Whether you are at home or office, it is there. With a little different approach, solving problem in both places essentially has similar methods to be done.

Since human has the nature of solving problems, it is sometimes hard to repress the tendency of coming up with an immediate solution. While it is natural to want to solve the problem right away, it is not the right thing to do.

According to problem solving experts, the solution should be obtained when the process ends, not when it starts. The following is some steps in getting the solution to a problem.

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First, problem identification should be the first priority. Sometimes what is considered to be a problem is not the core issue. Therefore, everybody should have the same vision of what the main issue is by pushing aside personal interest. Problem may happen because some people’s interest is disrupted and they would perceive it as the problem. At this first problem solving point, it is really necessary to identify the real problem

Second, everyone’s interest should be covered otherwise the problem is not entirely solved. By listening to everyone, the solution will meet everyone’s interest.

Third, make a list of potential solutions in the form of some options. Ask everyone to brainstorm ideas which may even open the opportunity for unexpected creative solutions. Then evaluate the gathered options by considering the positive and negative impact of each option. This process should be done together sincerely, again without personal interest’s proposition. Having done with the evaluation, the next step is narrow down the options into option that satisfy most of the members.

Fourth, be ready with documentation of the agreeable solution. By doing so, it is easier to review the details and the impact whether positive or negative. This solution will then be monitored, and again evaluated.

In conclusion, effective problem solving cannot be obtained instantly. It takes continuous process and evaluation. However, all the process and results will be useable for a long time by the others.

When you take your time together to get a way out of the problems, you actually have a journey that forms everyone to become more systematic. If the problem is still difficult to solve after the listening step, you can always go back to the listening phase for better decision. This way, more interests can be embraced.

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