How to Implement Mind Map?

Since the method was invented by Tony Buzan in 1970s, mind mapping has been recognized as an effective way to do note taking. Mind mapping allows one to use the whole brain’s capability to process information. Using the mind map, you will see the relations of each idea which will make it easier for you to learn it later. In this article, you will find out some areas where mind mapping will do its work.

Brainstorming your ideas on a project may leave you tired and overwhelmed. Hence, there is a chance that you are going to postpone it. By using a mind map, you can break down a project into smaller units which can be easily managed. Start it by writing down the main idea in the center of mind map page (you can do it on a paper or using special software).

Ask yourself a few questions relating with the project such as what is this project about, who needs to take a part in it, when it should be carried out, where is the best place to conduct the project, how to handle the problems that may exist, and so on. Your answer must be presented in keywords and images.

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Generating Ideas
Since the use of a large text is replaced by keywords and images, mind mapping is ideal method to find fresh ideas. Mind maps stimulate the brain to expose many things that may come as a good output. Many people use this technique while they are conducting a company meeting.

The meeting moderator will use a white board or flowchart easel to write down the basic or general topic of the meeting. Then, the team will be asked to give their opinions on the related topic. Moderator may use different colors of board markers to indicate different kinds of key points.

Note Taking
People talk faster and write slower. That is the reason why only a little information from a lecture or speech can be taken into notes. Even if the note taker is able to write so fast, there is still a huge chance of missing several important points from the speech. The note taking is also bound to be inaccurate as the note taker tries to figure out the missing messages.

Mind mapping enables you to take note faster since you only need to write down the key points, and find the relation among the details. Adding a few images on your mind map page will help you remind the information as they activate your right brain.

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