Theory of Motivation – The Science of Motivation

Motivation has an important role in a company because people need to be encouraged so that they can make an improvement on their work. Motivation may come from the outside factors of a person (external values) and innate aspects (internal values).

In this article, we will talk about some tips to motivation that you can apply in your daily life.

• Inspiration
To keep oneself motivated, he or she must seek some inspirational sources. The sources can be inspirational quotes or success stories. Motivation can grow by using these kinds of source because people will start reflecting himself to a certain told situation and learn to see any possible thing that may happen.

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Inspiration is a good motivational device because it leashes one’s spirit by seeing the hope he or she does not see. In a workspace, a great motivation comes from daily inspiration from the superiors, seniors or coworkers. Starting from a small group of people, motivation can be spread to a wider community.

• Setting Goals
Writing the business goals can also become a motivation for you. This is reasonable because by knowing what you are going to do, you will become more professional and feel the urge to make the goals happen. This is clearly a good motivational device.

The best thing is you do not only get a free motivation from writing your goal but also having a part of your job (setting the plan) done. You may choose this type of motivation if you want to get double benefits.

• Networking
While working alone turns to be challenging some time, expanding online and offline network will be a great way to get enough dose of motivation. Although people you meet do not work at the area you are working, chances are there will be many ways to connect and share.

In a group of people, motivation is much easily found—but it depends on the type of people you befriend with, though. Hence, keep only friends with positive attitudes that sharing motivation is possible.
• Self Rewarding
Your business motivation may simply come from an attitude on respecting your own work. Doing your work the whole day without having any time to enjoy your time will only lower the level of motivation you have created.

Doing small things such as having a special lunch with your spouse, taking a walk to the town park, and shopping in the afternoon can create a new motivation in you.

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