What is HR Management: Its Roles and an Example of Technique

Each and every organization familiar with Human Resources Management, as it refers to a department that manage the engagement of employees, education, welfare, and recruitment in accordance of specific policies of a company.

One can safely assume that Human Resource Management in a company usually takes responsibility in handling various topics, including training, administration, communication, employee motivation, benefits, safety, organization development, compensation, wellness, hiring, and performance management.

In every company, particularly a company with a neat management system, Human Resource Management comes with few key activities such as staffing, performance management and appraisal, organizational design, employee and organizational development, and organizational design. HR Management, then, must be understood as one of foundation that needs to be established by every company. Simply put in, the department carries vital roles.

What are roles of HR Management? Well, we can save the answer later; first of all, it is important to realize that every company should retain and hire top employees. Employees with nice skill and knowledge should help the company achieve whatever mission it has. At which point, HR Management plays vital roles due to increasing problems of managing employees at workspace. Here is a list of roles that can be performed by HR Management of a company:

  1. rate a shortlist of candidates based upon a specific standard.
  2. Posting duties and jobs accurately matching criteria and requirement of a company.
  3. Scheduling interviews.
  4. Interviewing candidates that have potency.
  5. Finalizing the hiring process.
  6. Create, develop, and handle training programs for newly employees.
  7. Ensure that diversity become available at workplace.
  8. Retaining employees matching specific policies (they can be varied) and requirement of a company
  9. Promoting employees and measuring their performance.
  10. Restructuring any departments if needed.
  11. Designing the rules of employment in accordance with the employment laws.

From above list, you can see various activities that usually handled by HR Management. Deep down in a structure of HR Management, there is Line Manager that spends an amount of time to manage a wide range of HR activities, which include scheduling, hiring, disciplining, engaging, and evaluating employees. The guy behind HR Management also takes plenty of responsibilities of which related to a series of issues such as performance management and appraisal, job analysis, worker safety and health issues, compensation. The same guy in that department also needs to develop righty, critical methods for selecting employees. We can say there are many responsibilities the manager must have handled.

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An Example of HR Management, as been doing by Microsoft

So you have read some basic, general introduction of HR Management, and hopefully you do have understood the importance of HR management. Here we would like to show you an example of company that has been succeeded in implementing neat strategy of its HR management system, that is, Microsoft. Generally, the company’s success is not based on other things but the effectiveness of their staffs. Basically, Microsoft realizes one thing: their staffs are valuable resources. At which point, surely the Microsoft should be the best example of practicing human resource management.

What is the secret behind HR Management strategy at Microsoft?  At the beginning, precisely in the process of selection and recruitment, Microsoft’s HR Management focused solely on intelligent staff. Microsoft will recruit the staff if potential candidate has intelligence. Or put it in other words: the Microsoft favor intelligence over individual experience. The company, then, sought the smartest guy and a person who have great desire for success. Ever since the company is having such philosophy, Microsoft always recruits people, the smartest guy from the elite campus such as Stanford, Carnegie-Melon, MIT, Yale, and Harvard.

Potential candidates will be selected through several processes. The first stage was an interview process which designed to test work habits, problem-solving abilities, and thought processes. The second stage was fully technical, as the interviewers would send an e-mail to interviewee, telling potential candidates whether they are hired or not. Some comments will be added into a problem area, which in essence used to value candidate. From this stage, interviewers would know whether candidates could survive in the working environment of company or not.

Selected candidates who have passed those two stages would have to meet with interviewers once again in final meeting. In this last stage, someone independent would make a final decision, interviewing the candidate so that they can have the right people to work in such working environment. Within these stages, we also need to understand that Microsoft doesn’t seek people to fill a position, but they search for the right people – this strategy is best known as ‘n minus 1’.

In recent times, Microsoft had changed their strategy of recruiting the best staffs. The company has been creating active recruiting process, in which a process called “head hunting’ the best staff carried out. These staffs were recruited, monitored, and found from other companies.

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