Training and Development Strategy at Boeing

After hiring new employees and put those new workers on position, company could not just ask the employees to work. Company need to think about how to make the employees give their best to the company. One good way to increase employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are training and development program. The program should consist of individual development as well as group development because teamwork is essential in every company.

As aircraft manufacturer, Boeing understands the importance of training and development. They are dealing with high technology and complicated manufacturing process that only highly educated and highly trained people could work in such environment while problems are there.

Fresh graduates as well as rapid technological change will create talent gaps that they need to find a way to solve it. Some Boeing technology is confidential that people from outside need to learn it first to keep up with experienced employees. Even more, Boeing employs people from all around the globe that add more problems.

Training and Development Strategy at Boeing is not simple. Boeing has comprehensive program both inside the company and outside the company in order to ensure the company could improve employee’s quality and solve all employment problems. The company thinks forwards and considers many things to ensure the company will have only the best employees to keep Boeing in the top.

In general, Boeing has two programs to develop employee’s quality. The first is off site program they call it learning together program. The second is onsite and on-the-job training. Besides using the programs as direct benefits for business performance, Boeing uses the program as employee’s benefits and opportunities to attract qualified individuals to work at the company.

Learning together program is tuition support from Boeing to the employees who pursue higher education. Boeing has academic partnerships with various high quality schools, where employees could take education programs and courses that will help them to improve skills and enhance job performance. The partnership is aligned with business needs.

On-the-job training is something very important for everybody who just enters the company or enters new division. On the work place, workers could learn from others about how the company and the work really are. For this training, employees commonly have mentors to help them understand how to perform the current work and the upcoming work. This training is also beneficial to develop good relationships between employee and employer.

Formal training is needed by the company in order to make the employees fit company requirements. Since government regulate aviation industries strictly, formal courses are very important to meet the regulation. Sometime, formal training is needed to satisfy customer. For sure, formal training is very important for employee to get proof of their quality.

To support their training and development strategy, Boeing has library and learning center services. In the library, employees will get the access to numerous of journals, reports, databases, and books that will increase their knowledge. The Learning Center is a place to find web-delivered training, certification training, video-on–demand, and to register on courses.

Since technical skills are not enough, Boeing has Leadership Center in St. Louis in order to improve employee’s leadership skills. The program will improve employee’s leadership that would be very important in the future. The main goal is that the leadership programs will able to help the leaders of the company to develop their people and to solve any challenge in the company.

For international workers, Boeing offers special program. Besides learning and training program, international employee could get consultation and counseling service when he or she experience work-related program. This is actually not part of training program but this program give big support to the training program because international workers commonly have problem when moving to new place. When people have a peace of mind, they would be easier to learn and develop themselves.

In order to make the training program successful, Boeing work together with training outsourcing company. They work together in order to create effective partnership that focuses on shared goals and commitment. This is one good strategy from Boeing as the work earns an award and surely gives real result for the company development program.

Similar with other companies, Boeing perform analysis and appraisal for the employees before they can enter training program. The purpose of this appraisal is to find which training is fit the employee best in order to improve job performance and skills. With appraisal, both company and employees will get optimum benefits. Company will not wasting their money and employees will not wasting their time.

Boeing is leader in aerospace industry that changes happen so fast in this industry. In order to ensure everything is running well, evaluation is needed. Training and development program is not exception. Regular evaluation is conducted and improvement would be made if they find some program is no longer fit current situation.

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