The Concept of Human Resources Management

Human Resources department sit as one of the most important part of a company. In today’s world, it was given as the bridge between job seeker and employee with the company. The human resource management is part of the HR department job and it is not something that should be taken lightly. This is a vast subject and covers many aspects, so it was very important to understand it one at a time.

First of all is to understand what human resources management really is. HR management means a management or a system that manage everyone at work place. The whole idea about HR management aim is to provide both the employee and the company a way to achieve each other’s goal. Every rules, policies and action were specifically designed for both parties to achieve their goal, where in most cases will be having a sufficient job with the perfect salary for living (for employee) and having more profit (for the company).

Based on the basic concept of HR management above, it is understandable that this department taking care almost everything that has anything to do with the employee. It works from the very start from hiring people, how to keep motivated these people, develop their skill, keeping them motivated all the time and in many company, it also work on the pension or retirement process. It is not an easy job because basically the HR department needs to be taking care of the employee all the time while they work in the company and make sure that each and everyone perform on their best capacity.

Basically there are three main goals that HR management work need to achieve. First of all, they need to arrange the work force where it can lead to the accomplishment of the company. Their second goal is to make sure that every individual goal or in this case the employee, also able to score their own purpose whether in the form of perfect salary, ideal work condition, or having their talent appreciated. The last goal that HR management also needs to achieve is to make sure that everything that the company does meet the society objective.

If we break down the whole HR management task, then we will come up with different area. Start with recruitment. This is where HR people need to analyze the job position that need to be fill up, the job description and then run up the recruitment process until they come up with the right person for the job.

After that, HR management also needs to work on the evaluation system. Based on the evaluation result, they can decide the best action to do to the employee, whether it a training to develop employee skill, a rotation in job position, raise and so on. The main objective in this part is to make sure that everyone gets the job that really match their ability and in the end increase their productivity.

Then there is also what we called as the motivation section. This is the area where HR department need to do things to motivate everyone in the company. Motivated the employee can be done in various ways, starting from small thing to bigger thing such as bringing the employee and their family to a vacation together.

Another area of work that HR management needs to do is everything that has something to do with the society objective. Perhaps this is the reason why CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility was born in the first place. A company needs to make sure that they make profit for themselves and also bring benefit to the society where they operated. Whether the HR department like it or not, this is also part of their responsibility, where they need to take part in it, at least in the process of hiring people who understand the concept of CSR.

HR management work in many aspects but most time people only recognize them in the recruitment process and the human resource maintenance. This is the area where HR people spend most of their time. If the turnover rate in the company is high, then it means an ongoing recruitment process needs to take place. That is not all, because high turnover means there is something wrong with the system and if it has something to do with how the company treat their employee, then it goes back to the HR department to decide what action that they need to take.

As we can see, HR management in a vast work that covers basically every aspect where human resources involved. HR management needs people who were the best at the field to make sure that they can manage the whole human resources in the company that they got and bring out the best of them for the sake of everyone.

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