The Best Human Resources Practices

In the term of human resources, there are things that called as the best human resources practices. What is actually this things are? The best practices in the term of HR refer to all action that the company and the HR department show to the employee. What makes it important is the fact that employee is the most vital part of an organization or a company. Without it, there is no reason that a company can growth to their maximum level and achieve their main purpose.

What kind of practices that considered as the best practice in this level will be vary between a company to another one. It is true that some practices can be applied universally and give the desired result but still people need to understand that each company develops on different ground so it is really important to recognize this characteristic and develop certain practice that could meet this character. Here we can take a look at several practices that considered as the best on in HR field and this is the kind of information that every company and HR people need to understand.

The first best practice that every company especially HR people have to work on with the employee is all about makes them feel welcomed. HR people are the first one to welcome new employee and positive impression is very important in this case. The new employee will feel comfortable at once and it will make them set up their mind that this organization is the one that they will work as hard as they can.

Set up the rules and other important thing at front. This is another practice that needs to be done in every company and organization. Every organization needs to give their new employee some sort of manual book. This book contain everything about the organization from the basic rules, job description that match the new employee position, payment methods and other kind of information to shed some light to this new employee. By doing this, the employee will have faster adjustment time without have to bother to asking around.

It was all about organization culture. If the HR department want to make sure that the people they hire will perform well in the organization, they need to make sure that the person is fit in the organization cultural. Like it has mentioned before, every organization have different culture that it develop and not everyone can adapt and accept it. That is why it is very important to know whether the person is culturally fit or not since the very first time, in the screening test.

When people decided that they want to work in a certain organization, they need to make sure that they could have a great future in there. HR department need to develop career development planning and this is one of those things that need to be laid out in the first place. The new employee need to be aware about this thing and what kind of thing that they can do to make them step up to the next level on their job. It will help the new employee to set up their goal and by doing that it means that they will work hard according to the organization standard, which will be the benefit for the organization itself.

Training is another best practice that every organization must do once in a while. This is the responsibility of HR department to arrange for the organization. The type of training will be different based on what the HR people see it fits. In most cases, the training aim to improve the employee skill that will do well to improve their productivity in their field of work.

Consistency on rules that has been set up is another important practice that needs to be done in every organization. Rules were set up to make sure things will work well. Consistent act of following these rules will help the employee to respect their bosses and in the end it will motivated them to follow the rules and give the best of them.

Setting up the best program that will motivated the employee and make them grow fond to their organization. It is not always about money, although it is very important to every employee. Sometimes the non financial program will motivate people to give their best to the organization. Simple programs like sending happy birthday card to the employee, put the highlight on the employee of the month, or special treat once in a while will help to motivate the employee better.

Those are only small example of the best practice in HR area. There are other things that people can do about it and once again, people need to remember that one action won’t necessary work in every organization. Simply work on several things, make evaluation about it and customize it based on the organization culture to make it really work.

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