Telesales Tips : How to Become Great Telesales People

It is a process, in which salespeople call potential customers to trying to convince them to buy their product. A talented telesales person just needs to know how to convince people. People think that individual who are sales people require no skills, well that assumption is wrong. It takes a lot of skills, techniques, and working to develop you as a telesales professional.

Below I have gather some tips that will help you in becoming a telesales professional.

Telesales tips:

The first thing you need to do prepare for your calls. It’s counted as practicing, and as you know practice makes you perfect. No matter how good you are you still have to practice. It’s said that different aspects of telescale are also covered by preparing. Start by getting a strong call list, do your homework and be ready. You can also write down the point you think will attract your potential customers enough to buy your product. Write down notes you feel are important to remember.

One of the most important factors you need to keep in mind is prospecting. For example, if you have to get somewhere, you need to have the proper directions to get there. Same is the case here if you do not know what you are doing; you will be all over the place. This will help you keep your sales pipeline going. If you are completely organized and have everything you need, you will make more sales. Be open to new ideas it will create more opportunities. In the beginning practice on as much cold calls as possible. At least two or three hours per day.

Once you have successfully finished you could call task, it’s time to move towards humans. When you are talking to humans you will need to qualify, this experience will be not like what you practiced so be prepared. Do not start blabbering as soon as someone picks up the phone. Make a little conversation starter ask for the decision maker of the house. Be in no rush and keep calm, explain everything and make sure you sound confident.

The next step is to build trust, so that the person will believe you. It is very hard to create a bond with someone you’ve never met. It is like being on a blind date, start conversations, but stick to the point. Allow the potential customer to speak, so you can gain information about them. This is one of the most difficult parts of being a telesales person. Make sure you give the potential customer all the information in a manner he/she understands. Stop when they start to speak no matter what. Keep the conversation flow and brand your products casually.

Do not start to sell your product, until you have created a pact of trust. You cannot convince a complete stranger to believe you, and listen to you. So building a relation of trust is very important. Do not make false promises about anything. Use a unique technique of selling, say no to the lines used by everyone around the world. They are boring, and people lose their interest in a second. Always use a script so the conversation is enjoyable and to the point. Every telesales person is also required to keep a script. People who sound like a robot reading a script can stick to their natural responses, but keep them under control. Till the time you can practice it till perfection you can go with the natural response. After that it’s required that you work with scripts.

Never ignore the criticism of any caller, write it down and perfect it. Also, keep your temper in control while speaking to a potential client. During the first few calls you will be rough, and probably will not make any sales. Do not be disheartened just write down what you have done wrong and work on it till you can perfect it. You should never take anyone’s criticism the wrong way, tackle the problem lightly. The go over the conversation (the script will help you determine where you went wrong) and mark the points you think you need to work on.

To seal the deal, you will need different techniques for different people. This is the final step you need to work on. You may also uses phrases such as, ‘When should we start’ or ‘okay, let’s get to it’. Or you may come up with other lines that may act as a good closing line. Do not get excited in front of the customer, control your words and close the deal.

Another important step is to check up on the client. If you have not received confirmation of the purchase offer. Call your client back; do not get to the point exactly. Stall around for a moment, have a casual conversation. Then ask them about the purchase, be polite and patient.

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