The Do and Don’ts to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Management Presentation is a manner of putting one-self forward in front of audience to convey any message or any type of information with regard to several topics prevailing in the society. It is often a demonstration, a welcoming speech or a lecture. Presentations are of three different types, informative, analyzing and persuading.

However, the types of audiences are much more than the types of presentations because the audience is made up of people and you can find an entire range of variation among people. However, audiences can be classified into four groups:

1. Captives
2. Pragmatists
3. Committed
4. And Socially motivated.

You need to become skilled in several key areas to make your presentation effective. Presentation skills are very important to deliver a clear message to the audience. Once you learned them, you will be able to deliver your presentation confidentially.

Before delivering a presentation, the first and foremost thing to know is that who is your audience? Whom you are going to deliver your presentation. This is a must thing for the presenter as the responses of people varies with respect to their age, cultures and thoughts.

Therefore, when the presenter is aware of the targeted audience, he or she will be able to prepare himself/ herself according to the audience. To handle the audience it is one of the important presentation skills. The presenter must know to encounter the objection or any distortion coming from the audience.

Analyze audience helps you to decide so you include what is best and how to present that information. You have to determine information that either it will appeal to them or also this will increase your persuasiveness.

Here we I am going to discuss the do'(s) and do not (s) of the presentation which will help you to enhance your presentation skills.


• After Presentation, you always respond to everyquestion, you always have to prepare yourself on how you have to adapt to your presentation content and your answers.

• You can never emphasize on the importance of content. Any presentation, which does not have a good content, will always, be boring and difficult to be presented. However, there are ways that can be used to bring good content to the best level. You could research subjective expertise, Planning and Marvelous facilities, but still your presentations might fail.

• Most of the time a presenter does not have a very confident and energetic delivery style; the audience mostly loses interest and Goes wayward.

• The Researches have shown that a general opinion of a presentation is based on 7% of the presentation content, 38% of voice and 55% of facial expressions and Body language.

• Presenters have to use their personality as well keep focus on their delivery skills to put the professional and confident style needed for a successful presentation.

• They have to utilize an interacting and full of life presentation style, which uses nervous energy and putting it into a positive way instead of that of an inhibitor.

• Delivery skills which mainly comprise of effective and succulent eye contact, volume, pacing, tone, body language, word choice, and appearance. It is important to be aware of not that what you are saying, but also how you are saying.

• Different cultures have different views of eye contact; we expect good, direct eye contact. In most of the first timers presentations, speakers look at the Floor, Walls, notes, well which we can sum as anywhere but at the audience members! This is the first and fore most presentation skill, which is,We need to look at individual Participants. Eye contact actually opens the channel of communication between people.

• You always have to keep this in mind that youdo not have to focus on an individual long enough to make that individual feel uncomfortable, but this much to pull him or her into your presentation after that move to another person. Thus limiting the visual stimulus, which is going to your brain from other sources such as lighting, colors, etc., hence allowing you to think more clearly.


Most of the times, we let our eyes move around the room. This habit is wrong. We become over stimulated by the over abundant images hence we become nervous which in return makes it hard to think. When you scan, no one feels seen or drawn into the presentation.

• While speaking, avoid looking at the floor, back wall, ceiling, or visual aid equipment. This is because psychologically we are delivering our audience a stimulus of our under preparedness hence driving them into Boredom.

• Try to maintain an even eye contact everywhere in the audience no one should be felt left and any group should not be given preference as this gives a very bad impact psychologically to the audience

• In this way, you can enhance your presentation skills by simply focusing on some key points. These tips and techniques will not only help you to improve your presentation skills, but they are also helpful in controlling your nerves and building up your confidence.

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