Role of Appreciative Inquiry in Successful Organization

All the successful businesses nowadays come up with a new strategy all the time just to make their presence feel in the market. It has become the foremost duty of every business to play positive and do everything needed to prove that they are the best at what they do. This type of attitude is not possible unless your workforce or employees do not feel it. They have to feel good about what they have done and aim for much better in the future.

Appreciative inquiry is an organizational tool, which was introduced some years ago, but many of us are not fully aware of what it actually means and how it can play an important role in the success of our organization. The key point of this theory is to focus on the achievements of the organization rather than worrying about the negatives. Appreciative inquiry can be very helpful because whenever our mindset is set towards a positive direction, we are most likely to give our best because we are satisfied that whatever we are doing has brought good results to the organization.

Confidence and morale are the two very important factors for personal success because you can never achieve anything if you have any doubts in your mind. Appreciative inquiry teaches us that we should take the best thing out of us and work on that. It is more like a specialization concept i.e. if we work on some stuff again and again, it will only get better and our skills will improve with that. All the experts we know nowadays have been working on same stuff just to make their selves as the best in what they do.

Whenever we are asked at our work ‘you are not doing a good job’ or ‘the results are worse than the previous year’. All these and much more negative stuff will fill in our mind with nothing good and we will be motivated to work. Appreciative inquiry is a very useful motivational tool because whenever something goes bad, you get something good from it.

Therefore, instead of worrying about those negativities, this strategy teaches us to focus on that positive and work on that.

Some people believe that this strategy was taken from professional sports. The coach job in any sports is to make sure that the team stay positive even they have lost the previous match, the coach will always remind them about the hard work which they have put into their practice. We have seen from so many sports movies that coach gives an inspirational speech before start of each match even though he has some doubts in his mind, he don’t just put it out there. It is something good for everyone to forget about all their worries and focus on what they can do in the future.

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Some of the theories have tend to disagree with appreciative inquiry approach because they feel it is like living in the dream world where everything is fine and will stay that way. You have to focus on your negatives and try to improve them instead of overlooking that and thinking that things will turn out to be just all right. Sometimes the problem is serious and ignoring that will only cause you and your company more trouble in the future. Appreciative inquiry is not for every scenario because ignoring your problems will lead you from bad to worse.

People who oppose this theory also believe that things do not work out well in the end if you just focus on the positives. Sometimes it may happen that you will get a minor positive from a huge loss. You cannot overlook that because that minor positive is good as nonexistent. Focusing on that stuff will just be a waste of resources.

Even though appreciative inquiry may have got some negative criticisms but still many of the successful organizations nowadays have been focusing on this stuff and have successfully reach the heights of success.

One of the managers of the multinational firm is reportedly to have said that it is very easy to point out the negative points in anyone but it
becomes very hard to except the positive truth which is lying somewhere in that negative result.

Some of the major established companies, who have their feet firm in the market, feels that it is now time to just do a good job without even worrying about the possible threats from the competitors.

This kind of attitude will suit those who have achieved everything and found no threat from others whatsoever. We should keep one thing in mind that like everything, appreciative inquiry has both pros and cons attached to it, and so it becomes very important to realize that at what situation it will work and when to opt for different strategy.

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