Business Productivity Tools

The thing about productivity tools is that, they are what they sound like. They are tools to make you productive. It is not necessary that they make you productive in one thing; there are many things.

In this article, I will be discussing about two types of productivity tools, personal and business. To get a clear view on both of them, and so a difference can be easily maintained.

You have to keep in mind that not every productivity tool out there is helpful. You need to understand and avoid tools that will only complicate your life further. I will be helping you with suggestions along the way. Therefore, you can easily understand it, and know what to do and what not to do.

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Firstly, we will be discussing about personal productivity tools. You need to manage yourself before you manage something else.

To-do list: Make sure you do not have a to-do list, that goes on for pages. Pick the most important tasks of the day and write them down. It is not forbidden to write a long to-do list, it’s just that you will never get it done, due to the stress its size will bring. For each day, keep the majority task number to 10.

Process data: Here we can use an urban term ‘iffy’. It means things can go either ways depending on what might happen. Yes, it is a faster and time-saving way to process data and check facts using a tool. It has its cons; it can be a very distracting task, as it presents you with a variety of add-ons. Use a productivity tool that blocks these types of ads, such as ‘leech block’. If you own an apple Mac use, ‘stickies’ it is simple and gets the job done as a task monitor.

Paper: Are you confused on how paper is a personal productivity tool? Yes, paper is a very reliable personal productivity tool. When you wish to give your undivided attention to one task, turn off your computer, and grab a paper and pen. It is the best way to stick to one thing at a time and help you concentrate on what you need to.

Now, that we have understood personal productivity tools. Let’s go towards business productivity tools.

The one thing you need to keep with yourself is a, complimentary card, with all your details.

Keep more than at least two cell phone, with different network providers. Therefore, if one is out of reach you can get through with the other one. It is very important to be reachable, as people feel connected and secure this way.

You need the basic productivity tools that will enable you to store data, and keep track of it. To keep a track on your appointments, contacts, and emails at all times. Therefore, you do not have to be hung on something for a long time. Productivity tools are designed to manage your time, and work.

You might need an email alert text set up. That will alert you about all your emails through your cell phone.

Yes, you also need a landline. The majority of deals and enquiries are done via landlines. They are only a few countries in the world that give you the same rates from calling to a cell phone or a landline. If you are in a country that gives you a cheap landline access. I will suggest using your landline instead of your cell phone. Small amounts of money saved can help in big ways later.

You need to hire a secretary, not only because it makes a good professional impression. Also, because there is time that you need to be out of the office, and during that times you need someone to manage your work. He/she will be helpful around the office, and you can rely on them to get the work done, which will relieve some stress of yours.

There are hundreds of productivity tools for business in the market nowadays. The developer keeps on making new and improved productive business tools to help you with your business. Below are the two business productivity tools that will help you:

1. Webcast: This is more like a television broadcast, except it is done online. This is a direct transmission of data from the presenter. It works as a one-way road; the presenter can access the people that means that the audience has no way of interacting with the presenter.

2. Webinar: is a short form of a presentation, seminar, workshop or lecture that is broadcasted on the web. It is a huge platform, as it allows you to send, receive, and discuss data online. If you are planning to launch a new product, this is exactly the kind of tool you are looking for. This will lower your branding cost, as it will be accessible around the world through Internet.

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