Creative Problem Solving – Solve Your Problems Creatively

It should be often noticed that a person, at any stage of his life is not merely a product of nature and nurture. He therefore should be understood with reference to his biological as well as psychosocial background. The social functioning of an individual largely rests upon the experiences, and present situation of his life. A man is conditioned by the experiences and affected by the present and future.

However, if a person is surrounded with many difficulties and problems in his life, his social functioning will be largely affected and he would have not been able to perform even his regular tasks properly. Therefore, it is very necessary to get a problem or problems solve as soon as possible and preferably without depending on others.

Creative problem solving is a method or a technique for fixing up a problem in an innovative and creative way without depending on others. Hence, it is a mental process of identifying and creating solutions to the problems. Creative problem solving method always demands creativity, which is the most part of the process.

When a person with a problem is unable to solve it, he becomes under double stress; the threat or actual attack of the problem and the mental reactions of the person to his inability to cope up with the situation, thus providing two dimensions in one particular problem. In this way creative problem solving method gives way to find solutions to the problems without depending on other and developing strengths in one-self to cope with hard times and certain problems.

The problems are of various types, they might be the unmet needs, economic, medical, recreational, or it may be simply a stress, psychological, social or physical. Therefore, the first step is to understand the different aspects of a problem on your own. Do not panic and do not let the problem overcome yourself—take a deep breath first and then calm yourself to find out the solution for your problem. That is what creative problem solving is all about!

The problem in any part of human life tends to have chain reactions. Any problem in your life has both the subjective as well as the objective significance. In addition, not only objective and subjective problems coexist, but either one may be the cause of the other. Whatever the nature of your problem is, creative problem solving is all about finding innovative solutions to your problem by creative thinking.

There is a six step creative problem solving approach given by Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes. First step is called OF (objective finding) step. In this step, you have to identify your goal, wish or challenge which you need to meet in your life. The second step is FF (fact-finding) step. In this step, you have to gather the data for your situation.

What, why, when, around the situation at hand. In addition, make a list of all the basic information and the feelings and behaviors surrounding the situation. The third step is PF (problem finding) step. In this step you’ve to clarify your problem and make it sure that the problem you are dealing with, is your issue in actual, or it is something else. Hence, in this step you have to re-define your problem.

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Fourth step is IF (idea finding) process. In this step you’ve to come up with the ideas to solve your problem. It is advisable to come up with vigilant, outrageous and out of the box ideas to access the innovative and positive outcomes to eliminate your problems.

Now when you have identified your problem and finds its solutions it is the time to take action and prepare yourself to take those appropriate actions to solve your problem. Fifth step is SF(solution finding) step.

When you’ve find the solutions to your problem, is time to strengthen them and enhance those ideas which you’ve generated in the fourth step. Moreover, you can always evaluate those already applied ideas, which were the reason for your success somewhere, back in time.

The sixth and final step is of plan of action. It is the AF (acceptance finding) step. In this step, you look for those person and facts that are responsible for your problem and you have to identify those available resources that are there for you to solve your problem.

In this way, the above-mentioned steps can help you to find creative problem solving solutions to your problems. There are some other tips to get your problem solved as creative problem solving approach.

Always avoid focusing on a single solution. Identify multiple solutions to your problem and choose the one, which is best for solving your problem. Be patient and calm when you are facing a problem. If you will be patient enough, to deal with your problems, you will see that the solutions will automatically start coming your way. Avoid the hidden assumptions and do not expect to find permanent answers to your problems.

By following such creative ideas and tips, you can easily find solutions to your problem without depending on others. All you have to do is to keep yourself calm and patient and don’t let the problem overcome you in any way, as it will bring several other problems for you.

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