Different Types of Leadership – Leadership Style

‘It was not possible without the team effort’ this is something what we use to hear from our boss after completion of every successful strategy. Sometimes this is the case but sometimes they just say it to boost the morale of all the employees. Why they would just tell their employees something, which is actually not true? The answer is simple; they believe that they will do better if they feel comfortable with their leader.

Leadership is necessary in every field whether it is sports or at home, but the real skill testing of any leader would be in the professional world of any organization. It becomes very important to choose that what type of leader you would be as to create an impression on your workplace.

Some people have the inborn qualities of leadership i.e. they like to lead from the front or they carry a great decision making power, which is the key factor for any leader. Others can learn from their experience that until they reach a position where they will be in charge, they will know everything.

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There are three kinds of leadership that is explained by Kurt Lewin in the year 1939. Kurt Lewin is a famous psychologist and he believes that every person has one these three leadership abilities in him. These three types are autocratic, democratic and delegative. These are explained below:

In this type of leadership, the person who is in charge makes all the decisions by himself and indulge in no discussion what so ever with any of its lower level employees. He held himself responsible for all the achievement or loss made by the organization and leaves no other person to be blamed.

It becomes very useful at a time when you have to make quick decision when your company is in a very critical phase.

It also has some of drawbacks attached to it i.e. you will not get much of the creative approach from one person’s ideas. Also sometimes, you are out of all option and just because you do not want any kind of involvement, you may call for a wrong decision that has no hope at all.

This type of leadership is often referred to as proud and egoistic but that is not the case because sometimes you are very much familiar with your decision making capabilities and involving someone in it, would just bring a distraction to your creativity.

This leadership style is considered as to be the most effective of all leadership styles because in democratic leadership style, you indulge in a discussion with your employees and take every person opinion before finalizing anything. This gives a friendly approach to the organization and every person feels a part of it.

Although one person will make the final decision, but he will be fully equipped with number of idea that will make the work easy for him. This same thing turns out to be completely opposite sometime because you may have gotten variety of ideas but the decision making becomes extremely difficult when you have to come up with final decision.

The reason behind this is that you may find it difficult of how to choose between the best decisions among many good ones.

Democratic leadership style helps in the confidence building and improvement of skills of most of the employees because if everyone will be treated equally and will have a say in the most important decision of the organization, it will increase their work morale.

This leadership style is somewhat opposite to the autocratic leadership style because here the decision making power lies in the hands of every person of the organization. The reason behind this style of leadership is, when you have too many talented workers underneath, it becomes very important that they should be given the freedom of their own decision making. It takes the workload off the one person who is in charge of everything.

Every department in an organization will be responsible for their actions. Delegate leadership style also has some flaws in it, as it will increase the communication gap between each department and employees. In addition, some people love to work under the team rather than making their own decision because they are aware of their decision-making power and they would simply lose their confidence in this matter.

It becomes very important to decide that what type of leader you want to become because the future of the organization will be depending on your decision making power. Most importantly, you may opt for any of the leadership style above but it becomes very important to have a vision of what you will be doing and you should have good communication skills to keep everyone together. Your personality will create a big impression on all your staff, so keep an attitude, which makes you a role model in the eyes of your employees.

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