Basic Concepts in Management Skills

Management Skills refer to integrated acts in directing many people to achieve a goal in a certain time. Management Skills contain four basic concepts; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. To achieve the goal, the member of the group must master these Management Skills, even though a manager has the main responsibilities.

Management Skills provide a systematic move on achieving goals. Management Skills also provide precaution needed for avoiding crisis, deal with unconditional crisis, and maintain timeline disciplines. A vision is nothing without Management Skills in implementing missions.

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The first concept of Management Skills is Planning. Planning means determining needed tasks to be done to achieve goals in upcoming time. Major points in Planning are tasks, timeline, budget, and success parameters. Planning determines the arrangements of tasks and resources to achieve the goals. When making plans, it is also important to estimate the external factors that can potentially endanger the implementation of the tasks. Timeline and cost must be estimated in reliable way. Great planning also contains alternative plans, just in case the first plan cannot be done accordingly because of the external obstacles. Plan must be documented and evaluated periodically.

The second concept of Management Skills is Organizing. Organizing means implementation of the tasks and resources based on the plan. The tasks must be divided fairly to the members based on their talents and capabilities. When organizing tasks, it is important to maintain the timeline, resources, and budgets. Tasks are done according to priority and evaluated routinely.

The third concept of Management Skills is Leading. Leading means directing and assisting the members to do the tasks. A leader is responsible in organizing and controlling the implementation of the tasks so the goals are surely achieved. In Leading, a communication skill is important to make sure a complete transfer of job description to the members. A leader must possess leadership skills to gain obedience faith and loyalty from the members. This will help the implementation of the tasks under tough and fluctuate condition.

The fourth concept of Management Skills is Controlling. Controlling means giving guarantee to the organization that the implementation of the task will perform according to the organization standard. Controlling includes evaluating the job based on the actual conditions, reporting mistakes in the fields, and recommending corrections or other solutions. All this jobs are meant to make sure that the organization is walk in the right path. In Controlling, reprimand must be given to the members or departments that haven’t achieve the sub goals based on the deadline or ineffectively wasting resources.

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