Decision Making Skills and Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills is the capability to direct people to do what we want from them. A leader with Leadership Skills is important to make sure the organization achieves their goal. A leader works based on the planning. They direct the people to do the tasks exactly as it written in the plan at the exact time.

Leadership Skills are not just about dividing tasks fairly to the member, but also to convince the member that they can do it and to control their job to be done in the exact time. To achieve the goal, a leader must gain obedience from the members. To do so, a leader must possess Leadership Skills and stick to that skills. Leadership Skills include behaviors and characters that represent a leader.

Leadership behaviors in Leadership Skills include organizational skills, communication skills, decision making skills, strategic planning skills, and self management’s skills. Organizing skills include making priority on the tasks, dividing the tasks fairly to the member, controlling the task flows and managing the time and budget. Communication skills make sure the complete transfer of information to the member, so the member have understood their duty very well and done it exactly as what it is planned. Decision making skills help a leader to make a correct decision in a short time.

Strategic planning help a leader to counter problems that come unconditionally for example by making second plan, third plan, etc. Self managements are important in organizing his/her own needs, scheduling meetings, maintaining document and archive in his/her office, and managing time. Innovation and creativity has a great value in Leadership Skills. These skills will bring the organization to the frontline in the competition.

Leadership characters in Leadership Skills include optimistic, commitment, integrity, bravery, firmness, sensitivity, and compassion, wisdom, and open minded. Optimistic, commitment, and integrity can gain member’s faith to their leader. Member’s faith is important to make sure the plan is working even under tough condition. Bravery and firmness are important in dealing with reluctant member that disobey his/her order.

Sensitivity and compassion is important to see if the member is in trouble. A good leader will act as a good listener and have the ability to give suggestion, solution, advice, or wisdom to solve their problems. Open mind is important to gain a different perspective and criticism from their members or colleagues for the organization’s interests. Leadership Skills are not inherited, but are a result of deep experience in implementing Leadership Skills.

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