Leadership Training at Coca Cola : Learning from Best Practices

Associates that are interested in leadership training at Coca-Cola can check the e-learning or field training at CCU or Coca-Cola University.

This is the education curriculum of the company which serves as the key to realizing the full potential of associates.

The learning portfolio of CCU does not only focuses on leadership, but also on human rights, marketing, diversity, ethics, finance, sustainability, and other relevant courses.

Every year, a performance review is being conducted. The manager and associates need to discuss and examine the results of such performance review based on the set objectives and goals for the year.

These discussions are conducted in the middle and end of the year to ensure that proper training is accomplished.

Whether you’re a graduate or an undergraduate, Coca-Cola encourages the different levels to seek learning through the accredited universities or colleges.

Reimbursement is being provided so that associates will be more than willing to undergo trainings. Aside from e-learning, associates can also attend external conferences and other training opportunities that will contribute to their individual success.

Through encouraging education, Coca-Cola is able to retain its best people and is able to attract new ones. The company believes that this area is worth the investment.

Employees can manage their career through ‘HeRe!’ which is an online tool that contains all the answers to FAQs on different areas.

Leadership training at Coca-Cola is available on a regular basis. These programs help managers in developing their feedback and coaching skills. Regardless of the management level, there is training for leaders within the company. Coca-Cola not only encourages men to become leaders, but also the women.

Depending on the training program that you choose, you can learn a lot of things such as management techniques and leadership skills. The company is committed to creating means for their employees to develop the required skills, improve, and excel towards their goals.

The University Talent Program is the key to retaining the company’s highly talented employees. This is a 3-year program that allows potential leaders in gaining experience in different countries. The training includes diverse fields such as supply chain, sales, and customer management.

The leadership program doesn’t focus mainly on leadership development, but also on personal development, consumer marketing, commercial/customer leadership, and franchise leadership.

A development plan is available to every employee at Coca-Cola. The skills of an individual are matched with available training interventions, project opportunities, and roles. A learning allowance is also given to employees, and they can use the money on learning activities of their own choice.

The secret to training prominent leaders is talent management. Although the company spends millions of dollars on leadership training, it is worth the cost because it helps Coca-Cola stay on top.

If you are interested in any of the leadership training and opportunities offered by the company, all you have to do is consult with your immediate superior. There are many programs that you can choose from.

To grow talent and retain the best employees takes time. New opportunities are always waiting for those who seek career improvement. Hurry and join the company’s success!

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