Leadership Training at Citibank – Learning from Best Practices

To enjoy the benefits of being part of Citibank, you have two choices – direct placement and leadership programs. Leadership training at Citibank is not that complicated, and if you want to succeed in this venture, you should be willing to undergo appropriate programs.

In the 18-month leadership training, you will experience the diversity of positions at Citibank. You will be assigned to different positions, and this hands-on experience is what you need to succeed.

Challenging job assignments will help you gain new knowledge and skills. Aside from that, the Citibank Learning Center experts will also provide you with refined web-based training.

If you are a graduate, you can take any of these leadership programs:

• MA or Management Associate – to succeed in your Citibank career, you have to finish the MA program. This is where you can learn the basics of becoming an outstanding finance professional. This is usually the very first program that any person should take up if interested in the company.

• ET r Executive Trainee – if you are interested in working in the executive level, you have to take the ET to learn the skills to become an executive.

As years pass, you will become part of the company’s senior staff. This training is what you need to experience challenging responsibilities, project assignments, and job responsibilities. The program can also be tailored fit to suit your needs or requirements.

• Internship – this is ideal for talented students. Through this program, a student can experience the ‘real’ thing and be familiar with Citibank’s financial services.

You have to make sure that you are not preoccupied during the summer because this is the time when such program is offered. You have to work a total of 40 hours each week. The experience can be compared to someone that is working as a full-time associate.

Interns are privileged because they can look expect a lot of things like mentoring programs, development activities, and social events. Shared value is the principle behind the leadership training at Citibank.

Don’t forget to check on Citibank’s programs at the Learning Center. The company’s secret to success is the people and team of experienced professionals. You too can become part of this big company and enjoy every moment with other trainees.

The Learning Center is one of the best ways to adopt some basics. You can learn a lot from the fun and challenging environment.

The trainees and team are provided with relevant tools to help them in enhancing their knowledge and experience. It is important for a successful company like Citibank to have people that are educated, motivated, talented, and diverse. This can be achieved through in-house training.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Citibank, you have to choose now. Though both options have benefits, the ones that fall under leadership training are the best.

Be prepared to spend a great deal of your time for 18 months with the company. This is your chance to become a well-rounded staff that also possesses leadership skills.

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