Handling Office Politics Effectively

Have you experienced office politics? It can really be stressful or uncomfortable depending on its level and the persons involved. Hopefully, favoritism is not a factor as this makes office politics extremely uncomfortable. There are some tips that may be useful in dealing with it.

If office politics is causing you a lot of stress and it has already become unbearable, speak with your manager and let her or him know that you’re uncomfortable with the situation. On the other hand, if the source of discomfort is your boss’ nephew or niece, you may want to rethink your approach or look for a new employment. Always allow quitting be your last solution.

• Make sure that you’re not involved in any office gossip as it is dangerous and often leads to hurt feelings or termination, depending on the situation’s severity.

• Know when you have to look for a new employment. On the other hand, you must never leave without doing all you can to remain in the current position you have. You may also consider having a short leave.

• Try spending less time in the break room. You can take your lunch outside, in the park or inside your car.

• If you’re too stressed or feel that the environment in the office is intolerable, you may want to look for therapy or get the advice of an excellent counselor before resigning or quitting. You may also seek for a new position or department in the company.

• If there is a person who is higher than the position of your boss, you may want to speak with that individual. This approach is possibly the best thing that you can do if the person who is causing your discomfort is your immediate manager’s relative and favoritism is the root of the problem.

• If you think that there is no solution to your problem and you don’t feel that there’s a need to look for a new position, company or department, then you should confront the person who is causing your discomfort. However, always keep in mind that tact is everything. The tone is also important as it sets the mood.

If handling hidden agendas or office intrigue has never been your expertise, you are not alone. Here are other strategies that can help you deal with office politics.

• Look for a mentor – This person might be someone who is in a more senior position, understands the company culture and seems open to help you overcome office politics. How can you find this individual? Look for someone who doesn’t engage in gossips.

• Form strategic alliance – Join and you may share your skills and act as a volunteer. This will give you a highly valuable reward in the long run.

• Curb any instant reactions as well as knee-jerk emails – If you will use ill-timed words or answers, it can trigger irreparable damage and it can destroy your reputation. To avoid this situation, you have to pause and think about something that you should say or write to avoid mistakes. Always ensure that the way you communicate will be free from any negative emotions.

• Use humor – You have to do this to prevent any missteps. When you could lighten the discussion if appropriate, then you can expect that people would look for you.

• Ask for endorsements from the other party – You may ask the project manager to endorse you and your great performance to your supervisor or employer.

You will always find office politics in all types of working environment. Whenever there are 2, 3 or more persons inside the room, expect that you will encounter conflicting opinions, operating modes and agendas.

It might not be what you really deserve as you are thinking that you just want to perform all your duties and responsibilities when it comes to your job. Your need to deal with office politics in an effective way will grow as you are trying to get higher while you climb the company ladder.

You may imagine that your co-employees and those who are in higher positions within the company have improved competencies. Therefore, they are the ones who have stronger personalities within the company.

Always remember that office politics are truth of life. Prudent politicking would help you obtain what you really want to have in your job without putting other people in compromise. You have to learn how to use this power in a positive way while you diffuse the efforts exerted by those individuals who abuse it.

By simply following the tips provided above, you will get utmost help as you try to manage office politics. This situation is really a stressful one but with these tips, you are sure that you can combat the hard feelings

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