Human Capital Strategy at Microsoft

About Microsoft – Microsoft Corporation is a US based multinational software corporation. It has the headquarters in Redmond, Washington and primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing as well as supporting comprehensive range of products and services for various generations of computers.

Microsoft Corporation came into existence after two geeks named Paul Allen and Bill Gates joined hands on April 4, 1975. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Corporation is considered to be the highly valued company in terms of services offered as well as economy.

It is the strong human resource that ultimately makes Microsoft Corporation powerful, unique, innovative and all the more progressive in nature.

The staffing employees at Microsoft put into practice, the development and execution of smart and new age recruitment strategies. As the part of recruitment strategy, the individual need to send CV at Microsoft’s office.

The scrutinizing and short listing of CV is done by the staffing tem at Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft recruiters will put the individuals through following 3 rounds of the reviews:
First Round: CV is given a review and short listed on the basis of your requirements. This will take not more than a week’s time, if everything goes in the right way.

Second Round:This is the lengthy round, wherein, the interviewee will be called by several people from Microsoft Corporation and will be asked questions on the logical reasoning, basic knowledge, background knowledge etc.

The HR department will also test on your team management skills and this can take almost 40 to 45 minutes.

During the HR round, you are supposed to answer exactly what has been asked and do not try to go for exaggeration. In totality, the interviewee needs to be honest. The result of this round will be out in 2 -3 weeks’ time if not more, and successful candidates will be called.

Third Round:It is a purely technical round and successful candidate will be called for a face to face interview with Microsoft employees. During this round, employees at Microsoft Corporation will put the interviewee through different questions, and these can be on any type of technical aspect. For the interviewees who are god in the technical aspects, it is not the tome to worry, but complete relaxation and they will just enjoy!

Quite obviously, for different positions, there are different types of tests and interview sessions. It is your responsibility to be ready for the interviewing an openhearted way. You should not feel nervous or else, you are very likely to get confused.

Microsoft Corporation takes the holistic review for its recruitment policies and this helps in keeping the organizational culture improved and enjoyable.All critical issues are religiously addressed by the recruitment management and every effort is made to ensure that there are no issues left with. Increase in the human resource and recruitment procedures is quite a deliberate process at Microsoft Corporation and real emphasis is given to the quality of the staff recruited rather than quantity.

Microsoft Corporation institutionalizes an exclusive talent development strategy which basically aims at developing the interpersonal strategies on the one hand, whereas on the other, efforts are made to bring valuable changes in the interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.

The talent development strategy is designed exclusively not only to build the talent, but to bring overall strategic development. With the talent development strategy around, Microsoft makes sure that human efforts are not wasted away. Every human resource in the Microsoft Corporation counts and it is on their sheer pedestal that the company is growing.

Microsoft Corporation lays stress on every human resource.

Irrespective of whether he is a computer programmer, or HR department, continuous efforts are made by the management to enhance the knowledge of individuals so that can bring transformation in the role and play a more responsible role altogether.

At Microsoft Corporation, special in-house programs have been constituted by the professionals so that the talent of working staff is enhanced and not just wasted away. It is quite an obvious fact that with time, the talent of individuals deplete. However, Microsoft’s talent development strategy is the step towards increasing the knowledge and power through a systematic and step-by-step manner.

Performance Management Strategy at Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation’s performance management strategy is pay-for-performance.

There is a unique total rewards program that brings two systems together and offers the talents a differentiated, transparent and quite a simple reward program. In the recent times there has been a Pay Mix strategy. Prior to the year 2000, stocks were offered to the talented staff and it was considered to be the best performance management strategy applied by the Microsoft Corporation.

However, soon after the dot-com bust, Microsoft employees got 15% enhancement in their basic pay and there was also apart reduction in the percentage for the cash.

There were continuous changes, and it was in the year 2006 a good and perfect flexible rewards system named as MyMicrosoft was introduced. Under this type of unique system, the employees that hold merit were rewarded in the form of pay increases, RSUs and the annual bonuses. However, this seemed to be pretty confusing for the managers.

It was in the year 2011 that an integrated approach was followed and as the result of which clear connection between the rewards and performance was developed. The purpose here was to bring the reduction in “process” and there was a clear cut transparency in the employee’s contribution in growth of company.

Microsoft Corporation have formulated stringent recruitment and human capital policies and made it an innovative software company on the planet earth.

The sound recruitment policies have further made Microsoft Corporation to be an ideal example before other IT giants. Another significant fact to consider here is that all human resource issues are being discussed between the management as well as the staff.

Microsoft Corporation is strongly working on the smart human resource plan that will bring more efficiency and recruitment of only quality staff will take place.

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