Plan Do Check Act – Cycle of Good Performance

The main purpose of every organization is profit and to achieve that profit, you have to work on your sales. How you will know that what is the right time to imply the preferred strategy? What results will it take? Moreover, how will you overcome if it did not work? These numbers of question surround our mind and we simply do not know how to answer them at once.

The theory of ‘plan do check act’ has been specifically designed for such situations. It is not a new theory but has been there for a long time. These are the four easy steps, which will make your work very much easier and will take the pressure off from both the senior and junior department.

This theory is more like organizing your business plans and strategies to evaluate the likable results and how to approach and make new strategies in the future. They may sound simple but have proven to be more than useful for number of organizations. Let us focus on plan do check act, individually.

It is something, which is done beforehand, mainly by the senior organization. It is actually known as the base of the success of plan do check act. It is no doubt the most time taking phase by any organization. Some of the genius minds of the organization gather around and come up with strategies, which they feel, will work for them.

It is not like one person coming up with something and the others modifying that theory to make it better, but everyone who is involved in that meeting will have a say and the most voted theory would be worked upon.

Several sessions will require personal research and time from everyone as the future of the company may depend on that very decision. A plan is sort out to be perfect and it basically shouldn’t require any changes but just in case alternative plan is also there which should be applied as quickly as possible if the main plan fails.

Once the plan has been devised, it is now the time to implement it. Implementation of a plan also require flawless timing because you have to keep in mind about other competitors in the market and also which are about to enter and cannot be ignored.

The implementation strategy needs a special work force who is experienced and are committed to put out everything what they have got. You don’t want some things to go missing when the plan has been implemented because in some cases you might not even get the second chance.

Once you have gotten the results from the implementation stage, it is now time to check that what they were. You conclude all the data in one place and count what you have got. Once you are done with the counting, you evaluate these results by comparing it with the previous year data.

You see what progress or retreat have been done. Nowadays different software’s have been introduced which will do the job for you but still with the presence of such advance technology; most of the companies do their own calculations. They just do not want to leave everything to something which is a manmade i.e. machine.

In checking phase, once you have gotten the results, you will know that what and where went wrong. After receiving the clear picture, you will know what strategies to devise with the next plan. In addition, you will find out where you went wrong and will try to improve on that.

All these four steps of plan do check act has made the life easy for everyone. Now no one gets the burden or pain of going through an unplanned process. The base of theory was derived from the economic theory of efficient utilization of resources. You do not get to waste any of the time or money as everything will be done pre planned.

In addition, another positive point to notice about plan do check act is that no one gets the burden of anything. Everything is pretty much divided and once all the employees know their roles, they are surely to show their best results.

Employees are required to have a fresh mind all the time because most of them does not feel like taking all the pressure and blame for what they are not part of. With this plan, fewer controversies will be seen in an organization because when no one will be interfering with any other persons work, it will automatically become a friendly environment to work.

Plan do check act has become a solid and permanent approach which will be seen in almost every organization, whether it is a big one or a small one because on one like to take uncalled risks.

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