Employee Performance Appraisal System

Resources are most precisions asset for any company. Growth of company depends upon the work employees are produced. Human Resource management department is responsible to manage the performance of employees in any organization.

Resources works in different departments deal with different nature of work and face different situation. Position defines the expected performance of the resource and during evolution when employee performance is measured, job description gives the standard expected measurement that either an employee fulfilling his duties and meeting the responsibilities or not.

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If employee’s performance is not upto the mark then he/she has to go through the session with the Project Manager or Human Resource Manager so that reason of below average performance is extracted that help the management of the company to sort it out for that employee.

Employee’s performance can be measured through evolution worksheet. The performance evaluation period vary from company to company. It might be six month or quarterly measured. Few factors are general that are always under consideration when employees performance measurement process is started.

Team lead is the one who works close to the employees and can provide fair feedback. Self-review is taken from employee who himself evaluate his performance and put the comments or reasons if he feels that his performance was not that much outstanding that could be.

After self-review is done, team lead goes through the self-review form filled by the employee himself and makes some amendment. Skill of self-analysis is also noted that tells that employee has how much ability to observe his weakness and strength when he is working. Lead can give the better feedback on employee’s performance and hence once the process is done, employee performance is rated accordingly.

Performance evaluation form includes the different areas by which performance of an employee is measured. Punctuality comes at the top of the list. Employee should be on time, he should value time and reach or leave from office timely.

This is most important point that is noted from day one until the day of employee performance evaluation. After this in whatever domain he is working that is measured, how much employee has learn and how much grip he has obtained during the working period in the company.

Does his understand and learning within his department is as company is expected or it is below average or he is performing outclassing by taking different responsibilities and fulfilling them responsibly.

Employee should also have the ability to work within team effectively. He should not be self-fish player; he should know how to work individually or within team. He should be corporative with team members and help them in completing their task if they demand any support. There are some employees who feel more comfortable working individually and there are some who are good team player and unable to work individually.

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Balanced should be applied in both cases. Employee should be capable enough according to the desired task. Team player ability works more because everyone has to work within team towards specific goal and every member of the team has equally responsibility. Tasks within team are split into chunks and assigned to team members, some task are dependent on one another, here coordination and understanding between team members is more than necessary. One should provide helping hand if someone is losing confidence in completing his task. Being team player, you should not demoralize your team member. These are some factors under which this team player ability of an employee is rated.

After this communication skill comes, how good you can speak and communicate are different things. One can speak well but not necessarily able to communicate well. Communication is to deliver the right and complete information that should be understandable. Either you have to communicate within team or with client, verbally or by exchanging mail. You should have command on communication skills. There are some employees who are best in their work but unfortunately fail to communicate their quality work to the upper hierarchy.

Communication is rated by considering the communication manner of employee. It highly affects the employee’s performance. Only communication well cannot be enough, your attitude towards assigned tasks and behavior towards people is calculated.

You should have positive attitude towards your work and keep the professional behavior for you colleagues. Having supportive attitude you should assist your colleagues to accomplish their task if it is required but do not forget to complete your task first. Having positive attitude can be proved in your favor. Every organization introduces the process, employees should follow those processes. This is another point that is considered while employee performance evolution.

Employee’s performance can be measured by keeping the above-mentioned general points and lead can be responsible for rating the employee. Biasness should not be shown during evaluation as unfair evaluation can disappoint and de-motivate the employee.

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