Leadership Skills and Motivation Skills

There is an interesting fact that not everyone has the skills of becoming the leader of other people although everyone has leaders inside. A leader has preeminent skills that others suppress due to many reasons such as family culture and upbringing. Among the many important skills that a leader should have are summarized in the discussion below.

ting what you want and understand what others communicate to you to express what they want. Although this fundamental skill may seem simple and easy, understanding the art of communication and transform it into the universal language for everyone to share the understanding takes a good leader to achieve. This important part of leadership skills is not actually as easy as it sounds.

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Second, another point of leadership skills that is important for a leader to have is the skill of taking responsibility. Each leader has different methods of taking responsibility of whatever happens to the organization; however the bottom line of the responsibility taken is more or less similar: he or she wants the organization to run well.

That is why the leader cannot take credit for positive things that happen to the organization and lay the blame on others if negative things happen. He or she is simply responsible for the well being of the organization.

Third, the third of important leadership skills is convincing others that he or she is trustworthy. People who follow will soon change direction once they know that their leader is not reliable and trustable.

Building trusts cannot be done instantly. It takes time and it takes someone who has the skill of convincing the followers that he or she will be on their side. Being sincere in his or her attitude adds to the trust from the followers, so maintaining trust by being sincere is also important.

Fourth, the next part of important leadership skills is making decision which is accurate and yet fast. Essentially, accuracy and speed are two contradictory aspects that are hard to combine, so a leader is expected to have the skill of combining these qualities in making decision. It takes courageous person who has no fear in making mistakes because he or she knows that his or her followers will be right behind him to support his decision.

Fifth, a leader should have one of the leadership skills called fighting skill which is of course not fighting in the sense of physical contact with the enemy. It is the skill that makes someone champion which is absolutely needed in leadership. This skill includes the ability to control emotion and be patient, know who your enemy or competitor is, and the ability to achieve the goal.

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