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It is a good idea to match how team skills can be beneficial in handling rumors. We know that rumors can be expensive and can be very hurtful as well. In a whole group of employees in certain project, the presence of rumors can divert the group’s attention away from their main work. Worse, rumors will lead the best workers jumping the ship, will damage trust and will also destroy the confidence of both the team and involved individuals.

We should remember that team can be defined loosely as the whole company is larger scale and the effect of rumor to small or big group is similar. Therefore team skills are needed to manage the rumors before they go too far in making damage.

It is a good question now about how team skills can handle a rumor. If you have heard that taking control over the rumor by the leaders once it starts is a good solution that it is a wrong judgment. The right theory is that communication is the key in managing a rumor even should be long before the rumor manifests. Instead of cutting the rumor down aggressively, it is much better to go into the root. Using team skills the rumors should be treated as if they are a weed infesting a lawn. It is better to take some time to repair with intelligence and patience.

If we have learned enough about team skills we will know that rumors usually begin with certain causes that become the root of them. The causes can be malice of fear. But oftentimes, fear is the main cause.

Both causes at the end become triggers of a reaction when the individuals start to seek for information in order to confirm or deny it. From this, more serious trouble can grow. The probability of something in the rumors may be true if there is no information about what the rumors spread.

Team skills are needed to bring change. Effective communication is the key to counter wrong information and good communicators with good team skills should be there to release a continual wave of the information around key areas even though the area seems to be dormant.

Team skills, especially team communication is essential to remove and replace old and wrong information. Effective communication should be habitually and continually made otherwise the misinformation will go greater. In short, with great team skills that include supplying a steady wave of information about the most sensitive topics, pruning out dated information and avoiding control, the rumors can be stopped.

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