How to Develop Interpersonal Skills and Social Relationship Skills?

Human beings are social animals by nature and creation. They need to connect with each other by means and relations of friendship, siblings, parents or life partner. The thriving force becomes even more energized in us when we have someone to share our life with, make social interactions or have support from in our life.Relationship comes with different dynamics, between different peoples. Continue reading

Key Management Skills for Great Leaders

A leader is the most important personality when it comes to organization. His vision and his capabilities define how the company performs overall. According to modern times, leaders are not born but can become overtime. If a person makes the effort, he can become a glorious leader in the business world.

The leader about leading the people through a vision creates leadership. A leader must acquire many skills before he can become a good leader. The article further discusses the potential skills expected in a leader. Continue reading

How to Enhance Your Time Management Skills

Though you have taken a management class that focus on time, you will still feel that you cannot get everything done at the right time. There are so many books that you read about managing your time and there are traditional organizers and modern gadgets cannot even make your time effective and efficient. Priority is always at the top of your schedule, but you can always see obstacles on the way to accomplish it.

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This wasting of time often drives you to madness. Therefore, you need to learn how to really manage your time. At first, you have to understand the meaning of time itself. Many agree that time is when things happens. Actually, you know that there are two types of time. They are real time and clock time. Real time refers to time that depends on things that you are doing. Clock time is 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, and so on. Continue reading