Example of Prompts in ChatGPT for HR Management

As the world continues to evolve and businesses become more complex, HR management has become more critical than ever before.

With the advent of new technologies, HR managers can now streamline their work by automating certain processes. One such technology that has been gaining popularity among HR managers is ChatGPT. This AI chatbot is designed to help HR departments handle the various processes involved in managing a workforce, from onboarding to performance management and everything in between.

This post will explore some examples of the prompts available in ChatGPT for HR management. We’ll look at how these prompts may be utilized to increase HR management efficiency and effectiveness while also improving the overall employee experience.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot designed to assist users in having conversational experiences with an AI-powered system. It is a platform that provides an interactive interface with the language model GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), which has been taught to create contextually relevant and grammatically accurate natural-language content.

ChatGPT has been developed by leveraging cutting-edge technology in machine learning and natural language processing. It is capable of answering queries, initiating a conversation, and reacting to the user’s inputs in real-time chat sessions. With ChatGPT, users can have stimulating conversations, access information, and solve their queries efficiently.

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Example of Prompts in ChatGPT for HR Management

1.   Scan a Job Description For Problematic Language

As an HR Manager, it is important to ensure that the job description you post is inclusive of all potential candidates. It is crucial to scan a job description for problematic language that may discourage or deter any particular demographic of applicants from applying.

The language used in job descriptions plays a vital role in attracting diverse candidates. A word or phrase that is biased or discriminatory may discourage talented individuals and erode the diversity of the applicant pool. Therefore, it is important to use neutral, specific, and inclusive language while writing a job description.

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can effectively scan a job description for problematic language and suggest alternative ways to phrase specific job requirements that would not be discouraging to certain demographics.

To scan a job description for inappropriate wording, use the following command in ChatGPT:

‘If I post a job description, can you let me know if there are any problematic words I am using that would discourage any particular demographic of applicants from applying?’

2.   Write 3 Personalized Candidate Rejection Emails

In the field of HR management, it is essential to maintain a courteous and professional attitude towards prospective candidates, even when rejecting their applications. The use of personalized candidate rejection emails can serve as an effective communication tool and enhance the employer’s brand. Writing a personalized candidate rejection email emphasizes the value placed on the candidate and their effort in applying for the position offered. It also strengthens the organization’s reputation for maintaining a good communication culture.

If you want to generate 3 personalized candidate rejection emails in ChatGPT, use this prompt.

‘I want you to write 3 different rejection emails to a candidate that has applied for a job with us. To get your information, I want you to ask me 1. what competencies we saw them strong in, 2. what we appreciated about their application, and 3. what we saw in the final candidates that we did not see during the process with them. You want the candidate to feel like you really saw their strengths. Do you understand?’

3.   Quickly pull keywords for research.

As an HR manager, being able to quickly pull keywords for research is essential. With a lot of data available online, it can be difficult to go through it all. Utilizing effective keyword searches can help narrow down the focus and yield the most relevant results. It’s important to use specific and targeted keywords to ensure accurate and helpful results.

To quickly pull keywords for research using ChatGPT, use this prompt:

I want you to give me a list of keywords for a job description I will give you that I can use to find a candidate for the position. Act like you are an expert in this field, and include additional keywords that may not be in the job description’

4.   Survey of a Hiring Manager

This prompt seeks to understand the recruitment process from the perspective of the manager. Through this prompt, HR professionals can gain valuable insights into the recruitment process, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies that can enhance the quality and effectiveness of hiring.

Use the following prompt of a hiring manager:

‘I want you to create a document that I can use to interview a person in our organization who is hiring for a new Sales Leader. I want to deeply understand what they are looking for in the role. I want to understand what the best people in their current team do to be high performers. I would like to know what high performers do differently from core performers. I want to use this information to ensure that we hire great candidates for this team so that they can hit their targets this year. I also want the document to help understand the sales leaders’ coaching style and give them the opportunity to be very specific about their strengths as a manager and how they intend to support the new hire.’

5.   Scenario Plan With a Department Manager

Scenario planning is a strategic technique that assists businesses in preparing for the future and anticipating prospective possibilities and problems. As part of the HR management process, scenario planning can help organizations identify potential HR issues and develop effective strategies for addressing them.

You can use the following prompt to try a scenario plan with a department manager:

‘I want you to provide me with a list of 10 or more scenarios that often happen inside a team that might cause them to voluntarily or involuntarily restructure. I would like you to make the pro and con case for each why these are good or bad for the company.’


Ultimately, ChatGPT provides a wide selection of suggestions that HR managers may use to successfully simplify their contact with workers. These prompts not only save time but also facilitate the smooth running of day-to-day operations within the organization.

With this innovative tool, HR managers can expect better employee engagement and job satisfaction, leading to improved productivity and overall success in the workplace. We highly recommend HR managers incorporate ChatGPT into their daily operations for a more efficient and effective way of managing their employees.

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