Human Capital Development Process : Understanding Key Roles of Factory Manager

The roles of factory manager are the guidelines that help factory managers in improving and developing their managerial capabilities.

Factory managers are able to improve and excel by understanding and following the organizations roles of factory management.

In a factory, it is important to provide the employees with excellent and well capable factory manager that can guide and help every employee in improving and developing their workmanship.

For a factory manager to effectively manage its members, it is important that the factory manager should follow and understand the importance of the roles of factory manager and its benefits.

Successful factory organizations consist of visionary a manager who has a clear understanding of the factories mission statement and rules. The important part and task of every factory manager is to lead and manage its team in developing and improving its members.

To effectively do this, factory managers should abide and follow the roles of factory manager in order to meet the organization’s needs.

This will help the factory manager and the members to focus on the goals and purpose of the organization. An organization can function well if the entire members including the factory manager are well capable of continuous positive improvement.

The factory managers are responsible in implementing the organization’s vision.

It is the role of the factory manager to help factory workers to recognize how their individual work relates to the overall purpose and goals of the organization.

It is important that factory workers to know their function in the organization. This will provide the factory workers the knowledge and understanding on what they can contribute for the organization’s future improvement and development.

This implementing vision role that the factory manager has can implement the organizations vision statement by categorizing it into specific yet achievable goals.

For every factory manager, it is their role to facilitate changes that occurs within the organization. Factory manager should be flexible in facilitating the organizations changes. This will help workers to decrease the negative effect in organizational changes.

The roles of factory manager include facilitating the factory workers in guiding the workers through uncertain changes in the organization.

Managers should accompany and teach every factory workers ways in adopting the uncertain changes that can occur in any situation. In an organization, there are a lot of situations that involves sudden and uncertain changes that affect can affect a lot of their workers.

This role that the factory manager has can help workers to easily and full understand and then accept the need for change.

For factory workers to function effectively, from time to time factory managers should constantly mentor their workers. It is the factory manager’s role to recognize and utilize each factory workers talent and skills.

Every manager has the responsibility to conduct a performance recognition that will contribute to the workers professional development.

One of the roles of factory manager is to mentor a worker by conducting a performance appraisal and personal encouraging. With these performance appraisals and personal encouraging, workers can positively improve and increase their productivity. This will increase also the organization’s overall productivity and performance.

Managers must observe and follow proper communication practices and process. It is one of the important roles that a manager should have. Communication is an open skill that connects all employees of an organization. Proper communication should be strictly be practiced by all members of the organization. An efficient manager has the capability to relay the information at the most efficient way and the most suitable time.

For an effective and appropriate communication the manager should teach and improve every factory workers communication skills. There are a lot of ways to communicate such as face to face, group meeting, and many more.

For a manager to improve a worker’s positive working relationship the manager should effectively use its managerial communication capabilities to promote and develop a proper and appropriate communication.

Factory managers are constantly involved in situations that require them to effectively utilized decision making. There are a lot of situations that needs decision making. For an organization to function well, the manager has been given the responsibility to make necessary and needed decision for the organization. It is one of the roles of factory manager that helps strengthen the integrity of the organization.

One of the most important roles of factory manager is building a strong relationship. A vital management responsibility and role is to develop and improve member’s interpersonal relationship.

This will open up a lot of opportunities that will greatly and positively influence the whole organization. In building a relationship, it requires a lot of trust and respect.

There is a high possibility to develop a much stronger and more determined interpersonal relationship. The roles of factory manager are very important in supporting the organizations integrity. It is one of the basic foundations that every organization must have and must further develop.

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