Smart Ways to Boost Your Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is very important thing to consider by the companies. They are fully engaged and motivated to do their job. They are usually striving to do their best just to show that they really deserve for the trust that the company give them. They focused more on what is best for the company.

They greatly understand the important role that they portray in the journey of the company. They are self-motivated, empowered and committed.

The responsibility of the employees is not easy. They have big contribution to the success of the company. They do everything to make the day productive. They care much about the company, and the way company cares about them too. Unfortunately, these engaged employee that possessed all the good qualities are the minority.

Based on Gallup poll, In 3 employees, there is only 1employee who is actively engaged at work. Obviously, this is not good. Those employees that aren’t engaged themselves at work affect the morale of those engaged employees. They are those that always seek for alternative employment. They are also those less productive employees.

Employee engagement is very important factor that company needs to priority. Every employee influenced one another positively or negative. But the company can do something to help their employees become engaged employees.

Improving their mental and physical health will help them to perform well in their job. Unhealthy employee’s practices unhealthy lifestyles like, unhealthy diet, can’t handle pressure and stress, overweight, lack of confidence will not help employee to engage well with their job.

It’s necessary to the company to focus on health & wellness of the employees. Based on the article published by the “Employee Benefit News” according to them “Employees are eight times more likely to be actively engaged in their job when their employers emphasize health”. This is really impressive.

Employee engagement is affected by unhealthy lifestyle of individuals. Those unhealthy employees are usually those disengaged employees.

Some the employees have lots of responsibilities at their home not only at home. They try to manage their time to balance work and family. This is usually hard that’s why sometimes they can’t do something to take care of themselves and practice healthy lifestyle.

Because of these responsibilities they can’t focus about their health & well-being. They can’t even provide themselves healthy diet and no time for exercise.

This is really stressful which may turn to failure in employee engagement. This certain factors will greatly affects them emotionally and physically and find it hard to engage at work. It’s a responsibility to the company to emphasize healthy lifestyle and good health in the work place.

Healthy employee can engage to work, perform well, and can be productive. Trainings and wellness program can be a great help to each of the employees.

Providing them this kind of service will help boost employee engagement. Providing them knowledge and useful information about the company will make them understand the essence of their purpose as an employee. Providing incentives and reward will also fill the burning desire of the employees of make their work a lot better.

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