Leadership Training at General Electric – Learning from Best Practices

General Electric has a campus for corporate learning, and it has been around since 1956. This is where influential minds in business and academia converge every year.

Top level executives and entry-level employees look forward to a life-changing learning experience. For GE employees, the Crotonville defines a huge event in their career. The structure of the campus promotes learning at different levels because the company believes that learning should never stop.

GE is known worldwide, and its technologies have surpassed the toughest challenges through the years. Qualified candidates can take advantage of full-time internships.

College students, who take up four-year courses, can also look into the co-ops to work while studying. The hands-on experience will allow students to work with the brightest minds and professionals in the business.

If you want to kick start your career with GE, you have to take advantage of the internship. This is your ticket to making priceless contacts that can be of great use to you in the future. These are the different leadership programs at General Electric that offers internships:

• ECLP (Experienced Commercial Leadership Program)
• FMP (Financial Management Program)
• HRLP (Human Resources Leadership Program)
• ITLP (Information Technology Leadership Program)

By qualifying in any of these internships, you can already take a major step in your future career. Watch out for the university recruiting, and make sure that you apply at General Electric regardless of your education level. You need to determine the options that are currently available, and if you qualify.

Several business internships or co-ops are offered by GE around the world. The entry-level programs are a combination of formal classroom and job assignments.

In a short time, you can enjoy the valuable and broad hands-on experience through the rotational assignments that cut across various aspects of the business.

The following are the specific programs offered at GE:

CLDP Communications Leadership Development Program – this is focused on the development of top talents in the areas of public relations and communication.

EEDP (Edison Engineering Development Program) – helps in the development of problem-solving skills; advanced engineering courses are offered, as well as senior leadership presentations and complex projects. This is where potential leaders can incur experiences in analysis, systems, quality, design, integration, reliability, and testing.

FMP (Financial Management Program) – this is focused on key assignments and classroom training. This is your chance to get hands-on experience on operations analysis, financial planning, auditing, accounting, treasury or cash management, forecasting, and other relevant areas.

ITLP (Information Technology Leadership Program) – through specialized assignments and challenging coursework, you can develop project management and technical skills in this program. This is an exciting opportunity because you will be assigned to four assignments at leading GE business units. Each assignment will last for six months.

OMLP (Operations Management Leadership Program) is suited to engineers with the drive and energy to deliver/define manufacturing processes, services, and products.

CLP (Commercial Leadership Program) – the core curriculum promotes commercial skills development and techniques that help ensure success in GE businesses. Business-specific programs are also available.

Check out the various leadership programs at General Electric and work your way towards success.

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