Key Strategies to Enhance Your Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation; Becoming a basic organizational tool to follow. Living or non-living, everything around us requires something to run on. Life is the circle of input and output and it is destined to move so. As described by Rick Pitino the best way to make your people work is to motivate them. People need a reason to understand why they are working hard.

Means of motivation might be different for different people but at end, there has to be something that makes everyone happy. If we take an example of a car, which requires a powerful engine for smooth, running like wise a motivated and encouraged workforce is required or proper running of any organization.

However, the fact that many for-profit organizations play a close attention towards motivation of their employees as employee hard work and motivation is directly linked to organizations earning more profit. Employees being the true asset of any organization play an important role towards it building, growing, and achieving its goals effectively.

Now the question arises that why it is increasingly becoming important for organizations to motivate their employees. When people working in organization are motivated from within and outside they take on more challenging roles and try their best to accomplish them within specified time limit. Whether motivation is through monetary means or not it is still an important aspect.

Overall morale of employee base increases as they are motivated on continuous basis and all expectations are met on time. Conflicts are less likely to occur, turnover rate decreases and absenteeism chances are lowered to negligible. Teamwork is more productive and less prone to disintegrate. As it is said, happy employees are employees that are more productive.

Loyal workforce is another attribute of motivated is an expensive and extensive procedure to hire new employees and train them from the start. Whereas on the other hand loyal workforce decreases helps save money in recruitment department, training and development and research department. If internal client base (employees) of any organization is happy, satisfied and motivated it helps to keep external client base (customers) happy and satisfied.

In other words, motivation is set of psychological forces that define the direction of employees’ behavior in a work setting and his levels of persistence and level of achievement orientation. Motivation is best tool to use when it comes down to creativity and problem solving. There is general trend that employees are afraid of change or to try out something new in fear of messing up or failing and losing their jobs.

When change is need of time and is inevitable for survival of emerging organizations. Motivating employees and rewarding them for any positive change, they bring or come up with a new and cost effective way of doing the same old thing or new product ideas or ways of dealing customers in better way. Whether this motivation is in monetary terms or verbal appreciation, it has a massive effect on minds of over all work forces.

Appraisal opportunities are more likely to occur when employees deliver their best on job and are likely to be awarded accordingly. Increased salary or promotions are two avenues employees always look forward to. If one employee gets any of these, it in turn motivates all the work force to be in race as well.

The above-mentioned reasons make it clear that why it is important and essential to keep workforce motivated and encouraged. Before any organization even start the process of motivation their primary objective is to gather information as in what motivates the workforce more. For some motivation is in term of growth and development of their career, for some it is only better work life, personal life and flexible working hours.

So it always comes down to understanding the needs of employees through extensive research. Get to know their mind and then set a system of motivation in place, because it often happens when a system of motivation starts to demotivate the employees and take on negative results. The importance of work force motivation lies in the fact that unmotivated work force will result in lower productivity and more turnovers.

In addition, in the end it would be quite fundamental to quote that whatever method we use to motivate our workforce, the main thing that should be noticed to have an organized system place that can build employee motivation on fare and justify grounds. Not every person in your organization can be motivated by the same factor.

Therefore, we should mix up all the important factors like satisfaction, inspiration, appreciation, compensation, recognition and much more to make our employees more motivated than before. In addition, employee motivation can be used to achieve highest goals within an organization that include long term success and prosperity plans.

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