Presentation Skills Knowledge

Very important skills needed to be manager or other positions that require you to explain things in front of people are presentation skills. Presenting seems easy when you see someone do it but if you have to do it yourself, you may find it hard. Presenting is more than just reading the words on the screen. Presenting is about making people understand and interest.

In presenting, you need to have three basic skills. The first skill is ability to plan and develop content. The second skill is ability to plan and develop design. The third skill is ability to plan and develop the delivery.

Planning and developing content is the foundation of presenting. You need to have the knowledge about the topic you want to present and make the content informative and attractive to the people attend your presentation. That way, you will make people satisfied and reach your goal.

The best way to have the best content for presentation is to make it yourself from scratch. You start it from analyzing your audience, gathering data, and then finish it with converting the data into presentation slides. It will takes time but the result would be top scale if you do it right.

Analyzing audience is very important before you create content because you need to fit the content to them. You must know what your audience needs from your presentation. You need to know knowledge level of your audience so the content will not too hard to understand for your audience. Then, the language, culture, gender, and age may influence how you create your content.

Gathering data is something you need to complete first. Do the research in anywhere possible as long as the result would be relevant with your presentation. Be sure the research and data collection could fulfill the objective of the presentation. You may consider whether the audience already knows the topic.

After you have all data and information needed, the next is to convert them into the best outline. Decide the style that will fit your goal and your audience. Raw data should be grouped to make it easier for you use them. Create the format in the right arrangement from introduction to body to conclusion.

Layout is very important to make the content excellent. The layout should help to make the slides easy to understand as well as attractive. Make it consistent in every slide. You can use colors to emphasis something important and catch people attention. However, be sure you make it in harmony.

The whole presentation should be come in one package but you need to make one concept for each slide. Bullets should be consistent in the whole presentation to make it look professional. Use the right words and phrases. Ensure no grammatical error on your presentation.

Slides should be short but informative. This is presentation. You need the audience to pay attention to what you said, not only reading the long sentences. If people want to read, they could buy books, not attending presentation.

Put images, tables, and diagrams in order to help you explain the points. It would increase people interest to your presentation. If you only write words on presentation, people will bore and fall asleep. Do not forget to make the images relevant and look professional.

Pay attention to the choice of font. The type and size should make the words easy to read, even from far. If you will present it on big room with much audience, the font should be bigger. Not only font, images, charts, and graphs should be easy to see as well.

If you have problem with creating slides or you do not have enough time to do it, you can ask help or even use someone’s work. However, this should be your last option when you do not have any choice. If you use work of the other, be sure you have permission to use it. You must ensure you understand the slides from the beginning to the end.

To deliver the presentation right, you must pay attention to your look, voice, body language, movement, and language usage. Be sure you look attractive yet appropriate for the event. Your voice should natural and the rhythm should able to deliver the message. Your body should talk but make sure you do not block people sight from the presentation when you move. The language usage should appropriate and speak with your heart.

You must learn about manner because this is how you honor your audience. Practice makes perfect so although you already did it for couple of times, you still need to practice before the presentation day. You can learn from the others about how to make the presentation attractive but you should be yourself. Honesty will make people give their honor to you and you can create your own trademark.

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