Understanding Your Learning Styles

Knowing the best ways on how to teach students is very important to every teacher. It is because each student has different learning styles. That is why it is necessary to learn and practice the different learning styles to become effective in your teaching profession. Though it is hard to determine the best method, still it should be used in the teaching process.

Students can learn quickly is all the learning styles are used correctly. Likewise, it also helps in meeting the learning needs of every student so that they will not struggle in learning the lessons. In this sense, if you are in the teaching profession you should know the different styles and the useful techniques.

1. Sound learner – This is a type of learning styles in which the person studies while listening to music or tuning the radio on. The music helps them learn the information very well.

2. Logical learner – There are people who love math problems, logic and puzzles as well as solve complex problems using their mind alone. By using patterns, they can connect their content and ideals easily. This learning style allows the student to solve problems and situations in a scientific manner.

3. Physical learner – This type of learner uses the five senses and the physical body, particularly the sense of touch. This means that a student is doing some physical activities in order to think and decipher the problem. Physical learners usually use techniques such as using physical sensations in reinforcing the concept of the problem. Likewise, they also use flash cards in memorizing concepts.

4. Verbal learner – a person who is a verbal learner focuses on written and spoken word. Obviously, this type of learner is an ardent reader, and has an excellent vocabulary. They also use digital recorders in order to hear themselves or in some cases they even talk to themselves in understanding the concept.

5. Visual learner – It is obvious that a visual learner uses pictures, images, colors and drawings in understanding the concept. Likewise, this type of learner has good directional and spatial sense. They represent the content or problem by using flow charts, draw maps, colors and diagrams.

6. Social learner – This learning style involves working in teams or groups in completing a task. This is one of the effective learning styles because students can learn from each other.

With all the different learning styles available, it is important to identify to which you belong. In this way, you can focus on the style so that you can excel in your studies.

It is important to determine the learning styles even at a young age. In some cases, the behavior can also affects in identifying the style that a person has. Keep in mind that a person who do not know his or her learning style most likely would struggle in school and learning process.

Therefore, if you want to avoid difficulty in the learning process, make sure to use the learning style in which you feel comfortable. Using the best learning style can make a person successful in the end.

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