Human Motivation and Achievement Needs

Achievement is what employees get from their hard work like meeting client’s deadline, completion of reports, reaching certain goals, and being acknowledged by their boss.

Achievement needs is an individual’s desire to achieve their goals, skill mastery, and accomplishments at work. Everyone knows how achievement fulfills the heart’s desire. In whatever things you do, you want to be recognized with all the efforts you have.

Behind every great employee is the great attitude. Right-mental attitude is a great factor that brings people to success. If the employee has the right attitude, they can easily manipulate their emotions and can easily adapt certain situations.

According to the book of David McClellend entitled “Human Motivation”, employees that sets realistic “Stretch” goals are those employees with achievement needs. Goal setting is very important in achieving goals in life. Planning and making specific deadline for some goals will help them move forward and take action towards their goal.

If you have specific goals in your mind, you need to make plans and visualized all the possibilities you might encounter along the process.

Employees that are truly engaged with the company, they are those people who has a great motivation, real committed, and understand their responsibility in the company being an employee. Understanding the company visions will help you realized all the good things and purpose of the company.

Great companies valued their employees. They give all their total support to enhance employee skills, personality development, and leadership skills. They provide seminars and training that will help them to enhance and improve themselves.

Achievement needs are just like difficult task which is hard to accomplish. If you are going to surrender, you will not able to achieve the goals you have. There are some certain situations that affect the entire process. You just have to hold on and believe on yourself.

Based on McClellend theory, achievement needs can be classified as achievement, power, or affiliation. The effectiveness of employees is influence by these three also known as the “three need theory or learned needs theory”. Therefore, these three affect the employee in certain things. Their intention always determined the way they perform their job.

Hard working employees have a great motivation which makes them to stick and never give up. To be successful, you need to find out the reason why you need to be successful. Is it for your family? For your own fulfillment or for you to be recognize? Whatever it is you need to provide the biggest why for yourself that will serve as your great motivation towards your goal.

Your eagerness to reach it will help you to develop yourself more and improve all the things you need to improve. Great planning and right mindset has always something to do with your work and will surely make you become productive.

Achievement needs are only those factors that affect your desire. The motivation of each individual always depends on their need. They become inspired and can execute positive actions that will lead to the desire goal. If everything you do is positive and you feel happy of what you do, it will correspond to the result you want which is success.

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