Quality at Work : How to Improve Your Work Quality?

Quality at work is of great importance for both the employer and the employee. It is said that if the conditions are favorable at a work place for the individuals working in the environment, productivity will increase.

An organization, which provides its employers with promotion, growth and learning opportunities, job security, incentive and rewards, make certain that its employees will remain motivated and hence they will increase the quality at work they do.

Managers and executives are searching everyday about learning how to increase and retain quality of the work that their employees do. Pick up a newspaper or magazine and you will see that they are filled with views on how to increase the quality at work.

By practicing, a well-organized and designed quality work system an organization ensures that the experience of its workers increases and thus by doing so, they directly affect the commitment and motivation level of their employees.

A basic system that has been introduced to enhance the quality of work gives more responsibility and control on the task required to do and working environment to its employees, thus taking undeviating benefits.

Theory on quality at work by J. Lloyd Suttle puts emphasis on the physical and psychological well-being of the workers. His theory states that; “Quality of work life is the degree to which members of a work organization are able to satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in the organization.”

He placed much emphasis on employees by saying that for doing a certain task their terms be considered to an immense level. Quality of work life has an organization’s goal based objective. It also reflects the experiences of learning that an individual has while working in an organization.

There have been many researches on the concepts of stress and satisfaction that an employee goes through while working in an organization.

The relation between these concepts is still being studied however. Stress is taken as an individual subject in research studies. However, whilst testing the hypothesis and concepts related to that phenomenon which effect stress, the concept of job satisfaction arises.

Thus, they are inter-related in a profound way. Once the conditions and effects of stress have been sought, then one can do better research and analysis on the satisfaction level of the employee, what affects it and how it can be attained? When the satisfaction level is assessed the individuals working performance and credibility can be increased and improved.

The categories, which come in the quality at work life,are mentioned at many places. These can be applied to both the principles of life and in case of personal life of many people. In order to increase the productivity level in organization there should be appropriate and equal compensations for all.

Prejudice is not good for the well-being and growth of both a person’s life and on a bigger level for an organization or an institute. Another thing, which effects and enhances the working and growth of an organization, is ensuring safety and health of the individuals, which are a part of that institute.

Without good health, nothing good can be attained. A working environment, which provides a healthy, active and free culture in reference to the creativity of the individuals working in it, enhances the working capacities and developmental growth of the human mind and conceptual knowledge, hence increasing the productivity level of the company to a great level.

All organization needs to emphasize greatly on the combined team efforts, which can be motivated and individual talents, which can first be sought and then implied to achieve the targets and aims of the company. Having a formal yet appropriately easy working environment increases the social integration. This can help in creating healthier and friendlier relations between colleagues that will combine altogether to increase the efficiency of the organization in which they are working.

Having proper set of rules and regulations that defend the rights of the individuals working in an organization makes sure that no discrimination takes place.

When the employees of an institute know that their position is well-protected and guarded with rules that will ensure their well-being and growth in their work place, they feel safe and contented. Self-worth is a feeling that provides great boost of confidence to individuals and hence by giving proper rights to all individuals the self-worth of all those individuals becomes defined.

Many organizations have developed contemporary means of quality assurance in their work places. These units work like separate departments and help in increasing quality at work and productivity at the same time eliminating risks of failures and mishaps in the tasks that the company has to fulfill.

Human resource departments have become an integral part of all big and small-scale companies; these ensure the satisfaction level and working conditions of all the employees in an organization.

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