Scam of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming : Is It True or Scam?

The world is full of people who talk different, act different and perform different. But when working in an organization, the different comes under specialization. Not everyone works the same job but some groups do. Moreover, not all group members excel at what they do. Few are left behind and undermined due to lack of “right abilities”.

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It has been stated repeatedly in decades that leaders are born, not everyone can lead and be successful. However, today the world is shifting towards creating and developing better leaders. There are ways a person can become skilled at leadership and influence followers.

Neuro-lingusitic programming, though started as psychotherapy for the depressed and isolated, has now become the ultimate business tycoon creator or so it claims to. NLP – neuro linguistic programming has been deemed discredited by the science world but the business world could do with its potential. NLP practicing organizations claim the success of the program in making better persons in both business as well as personal ventures.

So what is NLP – neuro linguistic programming? It is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy, which makes use of both conscious and unconscious processes of a person. It states that there is connection between the processes, language and behavioral patterns that can be controlled or manipulated through therapy for desired results. As many NLP organizations say it, it is the “owner’s manual” for the brain.

• Neuro refers to how the mind and body interact
• Linguistic is the insights into a person’s thinking that can be obtained by careful attention to the use of language
• Programming is the study of thinking and behavioral patterns

In the simplest of words, NLP – neuro linguistic programming is:

• Learning to use the brain
• The study of subjective experience and what can be predicted from it
• The study of human excellence
• The study of programming the brain
• The study of what and how things work

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Since it was founded in 1970s, many neurologists, psychologists and linguists have deemed in incorrect as it uses misleading terms and concepts. Though NLP claims to cure problems like phobias, habit disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, depression and learning disorders, it has failed to produce the claimed results.

NLP and Business Success

NLP has been claimed as an extremely powerful concept that contains the most accessible, positive and useful aspects of modern psychology. It has many beneficial uses for self-development for businesses and organizations.

Today NLP is widely used in business ventures to received desired outcomes by improving management skills and building up productive affinity with clients. It makes it easy to understand how one thinks, communicates and responds to information and emotions. In addition, in many cases it has worked rather beautifully. Many “trainees” claim improvement in their personal as well as professional lives.

Communication skills
The person gets better at communicating with clients as well as co-workers and employees. It helps perk up one-on-one and group communication in an organization.

Awareness and control
It builds awareness and control over one’s emotions. This way the person better understands others, their feelings and behavior, which in turn enables empathy and cooperation.

And the practical applications through such improvements are:
• Improvement in what the person already knows
• Improved leadership skills, coaching skills, sales, influence and managing change
• Helps with personal challenges
• Relationships with employees and co-worker, clients, personal and managerial
• Achievements in what is important for a person in life and business
• Better communication techniques

NLP training is not limited to managers or upper level hierarchy; it can be received by anyone who wants to improve professional performance and personal insights. The list of professional people who are entitled to NLP training are:
? Directors and executive
? Managers at all levels
? Sales people
? Administrators
? Engineering and technical staff
? Customer care operatives
? Receptionists and secretarial staff
? Trainers, HR and counseling staff

In short, everyone who is associated with an enterprise is allegeable for NLP as it helps understanding of environment, thought patterns, behavior related to emotions, communication, other people’s emotions and self-actualization.

In a business world, it is important to attain specific outcomes. Many professional people do not have conscious outcomes and work randomly and dutifully on their designated jobs. NLP stresses and teaches the importance of establishment of conscious purposes in the work environment. It achieves such a goal by teaching a series of linguistic and behavioral patterns that are highly effective in helping people change beliefs and behaviors of others.

Neuro-lingusitic Programming may not have helped in the psychological terms but has great uses in the business terms. It is a program that helps improve self-image and attribute positivity in an individual. This facilitates improvement in business dealings and becoming a true professional without having to be aggressive. Through this training, everyone can be successful and anyone can be a leader.

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