How to Develop an Effective Goal Setting Process?

In order to get somewhere in life one needs to choose certain goals and dreams. These goals should not be of a vague structure but rather well defined aims with means, effort and planning all things incorporated. Many people struggle very hard in their life, but still have this feeling that they have not gotten anywhere certain in life or lack a sense of achievement.

The main reason for having such thoughts and feelings could be that they have not made formal and well-structured goals and aims, which they can follow and achieve.

Going out on a journey without any certain aspect in mind will lead the journey to nowhere. This does not mean that every aim or goal we have should be of a materialistic accord, but quite simply they can be related to personal growth of an individual, finding love or achieving happiness.

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In order to turn the ideal futures, which are set in mind into reality, goal setting can be a process of great influence and impact. These goals whether small or big can guide and motivate us into achieving what is our ultimate aim or goal in life.

Goal setting helps us in deciding what we want to do in life and which way to take for reaching that goal. One can out their complete effort into one place or certain objectives when the objectives are clearly defined. Having direct and steadfast goal plan in action shows us the distractions and helps us in avoiding them, which could have caused hindrance on our way to success.

It is important that along with a well-structured plan to accomplish our goal we also know what are the reasons for setting goals in our life. Goals are of two basic types, short term and long term. In whichever way they help us organize our time and priorities. Make us utilize our knowledge and resources to the best of their use in order to get the most out of what life has to offer.

When we have very clear and well-defined goals we can be feel proud and contentment in our self when we achieve them. It is a good way to have measured account of what we have done in life and what is more to do for us out there.When we see our competency in achieving the goals that have set, we feel more confident about our self and have better and positive outlook towards life and what it has to offer.

There is a certain way through which one can set their personal as well as other goals overall. The first thing to do in goal setting is creating the big picture in mind, which means deciding what we want to do in our life and what will bring joy to us.

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You can download excellent powerpoint slides on leadership skills, problem solving skills, and effective communication skills here.

This thing could be something that if we don’t want in our life as a whole then let’s say will at least cover 10 years of our life. Thus identifying what we want to do in our life as a whole.

Once the big picture has been decided, then what you need to do is break down the whole process into smaller targets and objectives, which will ultimately take you towards achieving the larger goal of life. Planning is the key throughout the process, once a plan has been made you can start working on it to get achieve these small targets and ultimately the bigger goal.

Starting with planning the bigger picture then moving to the smaller one’s make our aims more precise. We then work off from smaller to the big thing we want in life, from today, to the week, next month, to the year and then from five to ten year plans, thus finally reaching or have achieved the ultimate goal we have set for our self.

There are certain categories of goals as well. These are education, finance, career, family, physical, personal, artistic or creative, pleasure and public serving. These goals must be set on different levels in every individual as the level of achievement in all these categories are different and are based on different criteria’s.

Mainly set by the goal setter them self. We can choose which ones we want to concentrate on the time, break them down from bigger to smaller targets, and start working on achieving them. It is important that whichever goal we set for our self is a reflection of what we really want to do in our life and what makes us the most happy.

These goals should be in balance and cohesion with our family and personal life, but never be solely based on the opinion and wishes of other people in our life whether family, friend, boss or even partner. However having their say especially that of life partner’s is of outmost importance, as this is what will bring real success and harmony in life.

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