Types of Negotiation

Never involve yourself to an agreement or negotiation without knowing any guidelines. Right transaction and process must be observed in every negotiation. Every people have different strategies in dealing and they also behave differently during the negotiation. In negotiating everything is unsure so you must have the right negotiation skills.

In entering deals you must consider the possible risks that you can get from these negotiations. These negotiations will really give you a great challenge. You must know different factors that will affect your negotiation with others. You will encounter different people in negotiation and you must know all the things to experience countless benefits.

Using your negotiation skill will serve as a great weapon in negotiating other people. You must also know the advantages in having this type of skill. The big question is how? The type and the guideline in negotiation will help you to answer this problem.

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There are for types of negotiation that can happen when you enter to an agreement of negotiation. You will can experience and encounter these types in the future so you better know what will happen.

In this negotiation type, somebody wins and loses. In negotiation the winner takes it all. Of course, in this type of negotiation, the winner will celebrate because of the outcome of the negotiation and the one who loses will be disappointed and has a huge resentment level over the deal. This type of negotiation can lead another negotiation in the future.

Example of this is winning a case. One side will win and get favorable decision from judge and the other will compensate for the damages and loses great amount of money.


Usually, this negotiation type is commonly happened in market place or also known as Street Negotiation. In this kind of negotiation, both side will achieved their own interest. Both sides met their needs and they are both satisfied of the outcome. Also in type of negotiation, building a great relationship is possible. Cooperation can be seen in this type of negotiation. The outcome will provide fair resolution to the predicament.

Example: a kidnapper agrees to have a negotiation with a police. In this situation both of the parties has their own interest and mission. Both sides they have their needs to be met. The kidnapper will have some demands that the police could consider. At the need the kidnapper will release the hostages and the hostage taker gets his survival.

In this type of negotiation, resentment can happen. Losing the deal or the negotiation will lead for another deal for the future. Obviously, both of the parties lose the deal.

Example: a transportation strike. In this scenario both parties will lose in the sense that drivers will not earn profits since they are having a strike. On the other hand public will be negatively affected by the strike.


In this type of negotiation, neither of the two sides wins or loses. In this outcome both sides do not get the interest and any position.

Example of this is purchasing a car and the salesman offers you a high quotes. Because of the high quote that the salesman offered you will decide not to purchase the car. On the other side, the salesman will not give you discount since it can affect the sales of the company. in the end of this scenario, you will find another company that will offer you a car with low quotes.

Here are the guidelines you must consider in having a deal or agreement:

Negotiation guidelines:

• Do some investigation and research about the other party. It will help you to gain information about their past. It is better to know their background for you to get more advantages in committing negotiation.

• You must also prepare some questions that will seek for clarity of the agreement. This will help you to prevent negative results.

• Go to a deal with witnesses. They will serve as your proof it sometime bad happened. They can also help you to have a better negotiation with the other party.

• Avoid emotional bargain. Emotion is one factor to have a good or bad negotiation. Set aside all your emotion and don’t these emotions ruin and affect your decision in negotiation.

• You must also pay attention to some details. You must review all the documents to check if there are irregularities regarding to the agreement.

• Must also be prepared to compromise things. Before you enter to an agreement you must know the good and bad things and scenarios that you will get from the negotiation.

If you are a person who always enter deals and negotiation this information will surely help you. You must know the types and guideline to get favorable result from a deal.

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