How to Enhance My Happiness at Work?

Whenever you are going to the first day of your work, different thoughts come to your mind, such as, how would I survive in this practical field? How my colleagues would treat me? What if I don’t do well enough? There are a lot more questions than these, of which you are certainly not sure about. This results in pressurizing yourself, sometimes that pressure takes over you for a longer period, and you don’t know how to get out of it.

These things are pretty natural for anyone but the solution to this problem is pretty simple i.e. motivate yourself. First of all, you should feel lucky that you are the one who was chosen among others for that position, which means that you have greater capabilities than others. The other reason is extremely important that not only it will satisfy you at work but also will decide your fate at work and i.e. To Stay Happy.

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It seems like a pretty simple job to do, but it actually takes a lot. First of all you should be satisfied in every way so that nothing bothers you when you are working. Secondly, you should be mentally prepared for the challenges and have a positive approach towards it that you would be able to do it.

The meaning of happiness at work varies from person to person because everyone has different priorities towards happiness. Some feel that if at the end of the day, they have kept their job, they have done it. However, the others who aim higher expects a lot more at work. That does not make them more talented than those who aim low but their priorities differ in some way.

Some people likes to be challenged and if they are not getting that, they get a little disappointed with their work because they are not been used to their full capacities. These people are the ones who dream big and believe that life is more than what they have studied in their books. They want to find that difference when they are at work because that is what they came for and if they do not get that, they do not feel like they belong there.

The only solutions for these type of peoples is that to keep them as busy as possible, so that they are all the time working and their brain doesn’t indulge in something to keep a distraction for them. More and more work would actually make them happy and they would give their best to prove themselves worth for that work.

Others are like the opposites that when they are given a lot of work, they failed to manage it at all and they end up in thinking that they are over used. Two options come out of such scenario. Firstly, they end up leaving that job and blame the organization that they made them do extra work and secondly, people who stay, they try to manage their time accordingly. This not only becomes a reason for their happiness at work, but the appreciation from the seniors gets them motivated that they have achieved something and they can do better in the future.

Sometimes it also happens that you over do yourself and you feel extremely tired at the end of the day. For that, you should utilize your break time efficiently and also if you have been working for longer hours; take a 5 minute chill pill. That will not only ease your mind but will also get you motivated to do more.

Leadership comes in pretty handy at this stage because the leader of an organization has the most important job because not only he has to look after all the work but also has to make sure that his each employee is satisfied with its work. It is his job to get him or her motivated in a way which they need, because every person’s requirement is different from others.

Herzberg two factory motivational theories comes in pretty helpful at this stage because he proposed hygiene factors i.e. people who are not happy with some policies around the organization or the working environment is bother and secondly there is motivational factors.These people just want that the leader of that particular organization should appreciate their work in the best possible way. If you get hold of that, then the leader should feel satisfied, that he has been doing a great job.

There is no special technique for happiness at work, but it depends on the person to think that how he will be satisfied. That employee at the end of each day should ask himself that what he has achieved that day and he will do much more than what he has already done. Personal satisfaction is the only way to get yourself motivated and happy, wherever you work.

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