Handling Your Emotion Level

As a human, it is so common that we have so many emotional feelings inside. It is so good if we can only feel one happy feeling. However, it is not how the world runs. You will have to meet many situations and you will feel many things in your heart. And if you meet one big condition that can make you feel a rush of emotion, it is not only your heart which will be affected. Your mind will also be affected.

And when you are on your work, you know that you have to be as professional as you can be by restraining any negative emotion that you may have in you. You will have to make anyone that you meet to believe that you are always in a good mood.

With this, you will not ruin anybody’s feeling because negative aura may spread. And it is not only faking that you should do, but you have to believe it’s true by throwing all the negative feeling that you feel. You have to focus on your goal and result of your work. You should feel the enthusiasm of work so that you can put aside the negative feelings. There are some things that you can do in getting your positive energy back. One example is by putting your goal in the future to be on your thoughts. You have to remember that you do all of on your work to reach a goal in the future so you can’t just focus on what you feel right now. Although it is difficult to do, you will have to set your mind that you need to move on what you will have to gain in the future. Thus, your spirit will arise again.

This can keep you in positive state. Doing this does not mean that you are heartless. It is just one of the ways that you can stay positive about yourself. So, don’t be afraid on seeing how successful you can be in the future. Another thing that you can do is by thinking that anything happen to you is not as big as you think it is. You need to think that what waits for you in the future is bigger than a co-worker that annoyed you. You should remember one thing that you will not allow your emotion manage you. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to not let your emotion control you.

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