Different Decision Making Styles Create Different Company Culture

Research shows that 75% of the people that are working and employed immediately are unhappy with the current jobs they had. The reason is their present job is not relevant to the skills they have and gained from the school.

This is only one problem in the society. Everyone knows that today it’s really hard to find job.

The reason is the large competition, just think of the number of students graduating annually.

In making decision about your career you need to consider a lot of things to choose what direction you are going to follow? What will be your next move? Decision making style will help you to determine what you need to do or changes to apply with yourself. Continue reading

Low Salary, Stress and Burn Out

Burn out is simply defined as a job stress which affects the employee’s state of mental, physical and emotional stress. This is commonly happened in the working place. This is usually occurs when the employee failed to meet demands or unable to do their job well. This is really frustrating.

The pressure and stress will surely make you breaks down. When stress hits you, you begin to lose interest and motivation that will leads you to make decisions like leaving the company.

Everyone knows that working is not just a simple responsibility for you to earn money. If you really want to be successful with your goals in life you need to understand every situation has a remedy. And every possibility always depends on how you react to certain situations. Continue reading

Best Strategies to Achieve Balance Between Work and Family

Knowing how to balance between work and family is very important thing. Everyone needs to work for some reasons. Sometimes working is to prove that you are good and responsible.

Some need to work for themselves and reach their own goals in life, some needs to support parents, and the other one is to provide the needs of their family.

Whatever reasons you have the bottom line is you need to work for security. Every time you work it generates income which you will use to support your love ones. Sometimes you will find yourself thinking that you are working not only for yourself but also for your family.

Sometimes too much engagement to work also affects your relationship your family. The most common scenario in the families is both parents are working and they give no time to their children. Continue reading

Human Motivation and Achievement Needs

Achievement is what employees get from their hard work like meeting client’s deadline, completion of reports, reaching certain goals, and being acknowledged by their boss.

Achievement needs is an individual’s desire to achieve their goals, skill mastery, and accomplishments at work. Everyone knows how achievement fulfills the heart’s desire. In whatever things you do, you want to be recognized with all the efforts you have.

Behind every great employee is the great attitude. Right-mental attitude is a great factor that brings people to success. If the employee has the right attitude, they can easily manipulate their emotions and can easily adapt certain situations. Continue reading