Root Cause Analysis – Tool Process To Eliminate A Problem

Root cause analysis refers to the in-depth study of the problem. It is done to acknowledge the actual and the main reason behind any problem. Root cause analysis is helpful to figure out and alleviate those factors that are causing any problem or are the main reason behind your problem.

Hence, root cause analysis is generally referred as a problem-solving tool to figure out the underlying reasons behind a problem—the root cause!

If you are facing any physical ailment or a medical problem, you might check the symptoms behind it and try to cure it according to the nature of symptoms.

This is actually a proper way to deal with a medical problem. However, what will you do if you have to face any problem in your workplace or in daily life routine? Do you think that approaching the symptoms behind it would be enough to solve your problem? Yes? No! Continue reading

How to Cope With Pressure at Workplace

Nowadays the competition is increasing and that means the companies have to find solutions in a quick way. If we start looking this from a consumer perspective, they would think that as good sign because competition will definitely improve the productivity.

If we look at this from manufacturer’s point of view, they would rather feel the pressure of the new entrant. Most of all, it would be a testing time for employees because they would be the one who really have to bear this pressure and transform it into productivity.

That is not the only pressure situation that an employee has to face at work, there is a lot more in addition. Such as the working environment, as sometimes an employee does not get adjust to it and finds it difficult to work under that conditions. This is something that an employee has to deal with himself because it is not the job of the organization to provide home atmosphere to their employees. Continue reading

Developing Report Writing Skills

A report can be defined as a document that presents information or testimonial of any circumstance or issue in a structured manner. The objective of the report is to provide explanation and analysis on any matter of importance. Report writing is not a difficult task; however, the lack of know-how of report writing makes it a confusing and cumbersome process for some.

With growing emphasis on corporate transparency, reports play a crucial role of providing daily information to the management, which helps them in solving complex problems and making informed, and planned, decisions for the company. Reports can also be used for judging individual, or team, understanding or performance, for example in schools or colleges. Unlike essays, reports do not present an argument. They only provide information, analysis and recommendations. Continue reading