Teamwork Skills and Team Performance

Although many people have worked or are working in a team, a few – unfortunately – deeply understand what a team work is all about. Being aware that you are a part of a larger body of institution is of course not enough to build this culture. There has to be the sense that there is a common goal or mission that has to be achieved together.

Sadly, the leader’s effort to provide seminars or meetings is considered a failure since building sense of team work is not the same as building an effective team work. There are some points to consider in the effort of team work building.

First, the whole team should have a common objective and understanding of what to expect from the team’s performance. This essentially culminates in the expected outcome of the performance of the team. The leader in this sense plays an important role in team work building in making the objective and the expected performance understood by the whole team members. Continue reading “Teamwork Skills and Team Performance”