Scam of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming : Is It True or Scam?

The world is full of people who talk different, act different and perform different. But when working in an organization, the different comes under specialization. Not everyone works the same job but some groups do. Moreover, not all group members excel at what they do. Few are left behind and undermined due to lack of “right abilities”.

It has been stated repeatedly in decades that leaders are born, not everyone can lead and be successful. However, today the world is shifting towards creating and developing better leaders. There are ways a person can become skilled at leadership and influence followers. Continue reading

Are Mind Mapping Techniques Effective to Increase Our Thinking Skills?

In our daily life, whether it is our practical matter if professional, we go with a plan. It has become like a routine for us if we want to do something right, we should have plan for that. Whenever we do something without a plan, the outcome from that is most likely to be unknown. This whole management of ideas inside our mind is known as mind mapping.
This is one of the very important functions of our brain, which helps in almost every part of our life.

The better example for mind mapping would be that it plays a very important role in organizing our daily life routine. It is just like computer software where you have to put in data and it will provide the possible results, the only difference here is that you are the one making all those possibilities. Continue reading

Leadership Styles and Leadership Models

Leadership is a process in which one man can influence others to follow him toward a certain organizational mission, goal or vision. As the business world grows and the world becomes more globalized, previous leadership attributes have been reckoned useless. With time, more and more leadership theories have emerged. In the globalized business, leaders’ power has switched from authoritarian to manipulative tactics. Continue reading

What are Interpersonal Relationship Skills?

Interpersonal Relationship Skills depend on your communication, which is the most essential ability required in all aspect of life, usually comes in different forms like verbal communication, nonverbal communication, body language, and facial gestures. We use all these forms of communication throughout the day in order to get our messages and conversations across. The thing, which can significantly influence your work place relationships, is the distinction between how you use your communication techniques and how other people around us get their meanings. Continue reading

How to Develop Interpersonal Skills and Social Relationship Skills?

Human beings are social animals by nature and creation. They need to connect with each other by means and relations of friendship, siblings, parents or life partner. The thriving force becomes even more energized in us when we have someone to share our life with, make social interactions or have support from in our life.Relationship comes with different dynamics, between different peoples. Continue reading