How to Enhance My Happiness at Work?

Whenever you are going to the first day of your work, different thoughts come to your mind, such as, how would I survive in this practical field? How my colleagues would treat me? What if I don’t do well enough? There are a lot more questions than these, of which you are certainly not sure about. This results in pressurizing yourself, sometimes that pressure takes over you for a longer period, and you don’t know how to get out of it.

These things are pretty natural for anyone but the solution to this problem is pretty simple i.e. motivate yourself. First of all, you should feel lucky that you are the one who was chosen among others for that position, which means that you have greater capabilities than others. The other reason is extremely important that not only it will satisfy you at work but also will decide your fate at work and i.e. To Stay Happy. Continue reading

Key Elements of Good Performance Appraisal

Human resource management has administered to bring evolutionary changes and positive influences in the work place – specially giving importance on employee performance appraisal. Employee performance appraisal has just as well been introduced by the modern pioneers of time and motion studies in the field of human resource management. It has not been practiced in the fields of business and organizational work for too long in a well-defined manner, and is thus a contemporary element of work place culture.

Looking at the historical aspects of performance appraisal, we will see that it initiated near the times of Second World War. A hypothesis researched by Dulewics in 1989 suggested that it is a basic human tendency to make judgments about the work of others and our self. From this hypothesis it was concluded that performance evaluation is inevitable and is indeed a natural process. Continue reading

Employee Performance Appraisal System

Resources are most precisions asset for any company. Growth of company depends upon the work employees are produced. Human Resource management department is responsible to manage the performance of employees in any organization.

Resources works in different departments deal with different nature of work and face different situation. Position defines the expected performance of the resource and during evolution when employee performance is measured, job description gives the standard expected measurement that either an employee fulfilling his duties and meeting the responsibilities or not. Continue reading

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), is a recent behavioral concept. In contrast to intelligence quotient (IQ), which is a measure of intellectual ability of a person, emotional intelligence (EQ) measures the ability of a person to perceive, understand and manage the emotions of self and others.

It refers to an individual’s ability to understand others and communicate with them. For some people, emotional intelligence is more important than intellectual ability in the success of one’s professional career and personal life. For others, there is a consensus that emotional intelligence is just as important as intellectual ability in one’s success. Continue reading

Reasons To Stay Motivated At Work

Many organizations tend to put their employees at the top most preference. It is not just that they care about them but also they want to create an environment to keep them going all the way through. Whenever any employ is being appreciated for what he does, he feels more confident and feels more energetic.

It is pretty important to keep your employees motivated so that they should produce results and that is what that matters the most. Almost every employee would appreciate a friendly environment. Even if something goes wrong, also at that time they should be motivated in a way that they do well rather getting panicked and produce results which would hurt more in the future. Continue reading

Types of Negotiation

Never involve yourself to an agreement or negotiation without knowing any guidelines. Right transaction and process must be observed in every negotiation. Every people have different strategies in dealing and they also behave differently during the negotiation. In negotiating everything is unsure so you must have the right negotiation skills.

In entering deals you must consider the possible risks that you can get from these negotiations. These negotiations will really give you a great challenge. You must know different factors that will affect your negotiation with others. You will encounter different people in negotiation and you must know all the things to experience countless benefits. Continue reading

How to Develop Effective Problem Solving Skill?

Knowledge on how they will face their problem by their own. Panic is the main reason why people lose their focus and ability to face the hindrances in their life. One way to overcome your problem is enhancing your problem solving skills.
Developing your problem solving skills will let you to handle problems efficiently.

You cannot deny that problems are hard to deal with. You must also need to develop your skill for you to solve problem promptly and creatively. But the big question is “how you will develop or enhance your problem solving skills.” Here are some ways to deal with you problem. Continue reading